Moving is hard. Mentally.
Ug guys, we move next weekend (not this one). a week and a half. I've gone from excited to terrified to a sense of excitement to mourning. And here is my dog acting like everything's normal and right with the world. Wow. For once I need to take a page out of Ember's book...

This is so... so... hard.

But I thought I'd start this thread to keep you guys up to date on what's going on.
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Everything will be fine. Just take a deep breath (and maybe a cup of coffee or something) and go with the flow. Not everything is ment to be controlled. Smile I'm sure everything will turn out well. And it sounds like Ember will be your brave little helper girl.

Fingers crossed for you!
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Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
I can't imagine trying to move, I haven't moved in over a decade and it is always so stressful.  I have done a couple of company moves with packers coming in and packing everything and I really can't say it helps with the stress level.  I learned to set aside the important kitchen items (tea kettle, favorite frying pan, etc.) and have the packers put all those things into one box and I would draw big stars on every side.  This was after a move where it took me two weeks to find the box with the basic kitchen stuff.  It is a little difficult to fix dinner when all you can find are the gravy boat, platters, wine glasses, and a spring form pan.   I'm glad Ember is happy and not stressed, that helps.
You got this. It's not so hard. You pick it up from one location and set it down in another.  Giggle Ember's taking it all in stride because as you are doing all the work, she is just sitting back and watching. 

I'd so be there to help if I was closer.

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You can do this!!

I hate moving too, because of all the work and then all the chaos on the other end, but you will get there and then it will be behind you instead of in front of you. One step at a time. You got this!
Gotta love 'em.
I move around a lot, i wont lie.. it sucks lol but after a day or of mental and physical exhaustion, it is over. I am moving again end of this month. My last move was an 8 hour drive with two cats and all my stuff... thankfully this move is only a 10 min drive. The bad part is I have to be out the 31st and can't be in till the 2nd which means 2 cats, a dog, and fish staying in a hotel and all my stuff staying in the garage. :O

Due to my husbands schooling, we'll be moving again once he graduates (again) in 3 years to wherever he has to do residency and then again once that is over. I have just accepted it at this point. Finding good places to live with pets is always a challenge.
Thank you guys for the encouragement. We're look at 2, possibly 3 moves in a month. 1 move to get us into Charleston (taking over my parent's apartment so they can move into their new house without canceling). That one ends June 30. If I can't find a house before then, I have to move in with my parents until I do - and I am NOT staying there long Tongue Thankfully I think I have found several options that could potentially work out and a month should be plenty of time for a sellers market.

Tamberav that sounds hard! But adventurous. I used to have a huge sense of adventure and there is so much of the world that I want to see - but apparently my head hasn't caught up with my heart yet. Or maybe it's the other way around lol.
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Very stressful! Hope it all goes ok Smile
you can do it! Smile
its so stressful, but it can be so worth it too.
i remember when we moved to denmark. we just took my dads car for all our stuff. dax was in footwell, all out stuff piled in the back with random things sticking out all over the place. it took a while to adjust to new place and away from everything we knew, but its definitely do-able. and ember will help you out Smile
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A great way to figure out what ya dont need if ya aint unpacked it in a few months and it aint holiday decorations sell it or donate it ya dont need it.

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