Suggestions on dog food??
Hi y'all!!! I have a 1 year old BC / Great Pyrenees mix named Zeke. We've had him since he was 6 weeks old and he has been a picky eater from the start. We were told that he was already started on purina pro plan, so we continued with that but he would barely touch it until he was absolutely starving. So we gradually switched him to Nutro Max. Same response. So my boyfriend decided we should switch him to Science Diet because his parents' Labs used to always eat that and were fine. So, Zeke has been eating Science Diet ever since. Well he turned 1 at the end of March so we switched him from puppy food to adult food and he has been having issues. He is EXTREMELY gassy and it smells absolutely awful. His poops are softer than usual and more frequent. Also, (not sure if this is related) but he has really bad breath. I know dogs don't have great breath in general but I feel like his is abnormally bad. Like a rotting animal or something, and dentasticks don't help at all. I googled it and read that bad breath can be caused by dietary issues, so maybe all of it IS related. 

Has anyone found a good food that worked for picky eaters?? I've heard good things about Blue but that's a little pricey. Maybe Diamond? Nutro Natural instead of Nutro Max? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!!  Smile
I've come to believe that a raw diet is the best. There are no preservatives, it's what they've naturally been built to eat, not processed 
(fresher, not cooked (cooked sometimes harms the nutritional value) and it hasn't been on an assembly line where it could have been contaminated by other foods) and you can control the diet easier. Not to mention it being better for the gut, skin and coat, and dental health. As of now I don't raw feed because I currently lack the complete knowledge, space, and resources. I do encourage you to look into a raw diet to see if it's something you might want to try.

I'm currently feeding totw pacific stream. Hoping to be able to start raw sometime this fall though, even if it's just half raw and half kibble.
Ember was my picky girl. Would go three days between meals, literally until she was starving. Only ate to survive, never to enjoy. And I was using food the shelter said they gave her for a year.

I found that switching to a fresh/raw diet did the trick. Nothing extravagant - just a rotation of Fresh Pet Vital Complete and Instinct Valley Raw.

[Image: freshpet-and-reg-vital-grain-free-comple...ize-5-5-lb]

[Image: INraw_bites_beef_4lb.png]

Then I rotate in things like yogurt/kefir, salmon, raw eggs - things like that straight from the human grocery store. She thinks it's the best thing ever.
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IMO Science Diet is not a good kibble. There are so many much better choices on the market today. 

You can check the kibbles here and ask if you have any questions.
I know the list is long but if you start with what kind of food you want to feed, wet, dry, raw, then go to the number of stars it will help shorten the list some. 

Take a look around then you can find what price range you are comfortable with and go from there. Check to see if you can get it local also helps. Many of the pet stores in my area have the option of getting a free bag after you buy so many. 

I hope the link helps you.

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Petco has Pals rewards - $5 off for every so many points. I can get a whole weeks worth of food almost free after a month or so. Love it!
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Earthborn Holistic is a good brand that is reasonably priced. Another is Victor.
Gotta love 'em.
I'm working on rotating food for my dogs and I have used Taste of the Wild, Earthborn Holistic, and NutriSource. I have been happy with all of them. Prices vary quite a bit and make sure to price by the pound since there is not standard weight for bags of dog food. I found some really good prices for food online and it is nice to have food delivered to your door. Also, check with your local pet supply stores. I shop at one with great prices and they give points for every dollar spent that give credit for future purchases.

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