At training today had a small chat with out trainer at the end and she had mentioned that he has put on a lot of weight. She is right. Taking a step back and feeling the features he is getting fat. He is well exercised for a pup(maybe too much) and fed on raw and kibble. turn out i forgot to reduce the amount of raw he has been getting as he has been getting bigger.. Now i have the task of reducing his food and his weight. I have over fed him! Can anyone advise how much to feed a 5month old complete raw 80/10/10 as we will be removing his kibble. He is cross huntaway so is larger than the average collie but at 17.9kg(39+lb) he is a little chubby. once he has lost some weight i can adjust to maintain.
Every dogs metabolism is different i.e.: my 2 BC's had different requirements at same ages. Good on you for feeding raw. I do the same as you in that I feed both raw and kibble. I like them to keep enjoying kibble as I like to camp/travel a lot and can't keep enough raw cold. My dogs are 21months and 9 months. I am a fanatic about weight and with each of them when they started to get a little too big for my liking, I reduced the kibble rather than stop it all together. For Max the reduction was from 1 heaped cup down to 3/4 cup. He has lost all the weight I wanted him to and just 2 days ago we discussed if he was looking a little too lean. We decided to return him to just under a level cup and feel his weight will stabilise at what it currently is.
Jasper has a slower metabolism and has only ever had a level cup per day, he has recently been reduced to 2/3 cup. It is amazing how much difference even a small adjustment in kibble can make. Their raw ration has not changed.
Thanks. Im just worried i wont be giving him enough food to stay healthy.
(05-11-2017, 02:13 AM)flash_a-ah Wrote: Thanks. Im just worried i wont be giving him enough food to stay healthy.

I totally understand your concerns about ensuring he has enough and encourage you towards leaner rather than plumpish particularly at this stage of his development.
Now I am not telling you what or how you should feed him but I am happy to share what I feed.
Their prepared raw food weight per day is 150grams per day (each), plus approx 10grams each of dehydrated liver as training treats and a tablespoon of coconut oil or 2 sardines or an egg. There is also additional lamb rib bones twice per week and a chicken frame once per week. I follow the same model as you do 80/10/10.
Their kibble is as mentioned in my first post. Jasper is still on a puppy specific kibble and Max is on an adult formula, there is of course a caloric difference. I am very happy with their health and their coats are shiny and soft. I have found that their needs will be individual and  weight is likely to fluctuate occasionally at different stages. Their have been been periods when I have fed more raw and only kibble a few times per week, my Shep only had kibble on rare occasions to keep him interested in it.
As I said, this is not a "how to" but perhaps a guide and I hope it helps ease your concerns about not feeding enough.

PS. I never reduce the raw when looking for weight loss, I adjust the kibble.
Im open to any advice. I would rather he have been to lean than overweight. The vet has allowed me to exercise him(in fields not paths) more than the pup guidlines due to his breed so it is def just down to the amount of food. May i ask the weight of your 9month or approx. Just so you have an idea of size the vet thinks he will be bordering large breed size at a healthy weight so 25kg.
Jasper (9 months) is 18kg and Max is 19kg. Max is sitting right where I like him, we have added just a little to his intake to arrest the gradual weight loss we deliberately encouraged. They are now both the same height and although Jasper is a kg lighter I feel an extra kg would be too much on him unless he grows any taller before he is done.
Both of my 45# dogs eat 1 pound of raw and 1 cup of kibble or 2 pounds of raw.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks GM. At 2.2lbs per kilo that makes my boys 39.6lbs and 41.8lbs. Jeez I wish the world would just agree on universal weights and measures LOL Your quantities made me think, that can't be right, am I starving my dogs ?" LOL Forgot to add the addition of coconut oil daily, sardines twice weekly, eggs twice weekly, chicken frames and lamb ribs each weekly. Leaving these things out makes my previous amount of prepared raw look look grossly inadequate. Whew, that looks better and I think considering the difference in dog weight we are doing pretty similar.

GM I would love to see photo's of your dogs at what you feel is correct weight for them to compare to mine for reassurance.
Well, metabolism and activity level have a LOT to do with how much you feed, and mine are definitely some bigger too. Oh, and they fast once a week most weeks. They get about 1000-1300 kcals depending on whether they are eating a lean meat or a fatty one that day.

I don't have a camera, just a really old iPod and neither of mine is very good at having their picture taken, but I'll try.
Gotta love 'em.
Well we have taken flash off kibble all together. Feeding him 1lb am 8oz pm plus natural treats for training. In a week we have seen a difference in him, weight slowly coming down, coat even glossier than before, gas is much better and poop is much easier to deal with. Much more settled in the house but full of beans outside. So far so good! Really glad we removed the kibble. X

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