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Oh, that dreaded cone head...and the look that goes with it! I suspect so many of us are familiar with this. I have a pic of Izzy (somewhere on my computer) after he came home from his 'removal of the popsicles'; as soon as he walked in the house he plunked his cone head on the sofa and looked absolutely forlorn, and wouldn't. move. an. inch. My last dog, a female who was spayed, was so upset with the entire thing that for the next 24 hrs after she came home, she blamed me for everything. My son could go up to her and hug her, she'd wag her tail and lick his face...but if I approached, I was met with a dour look and bared teeth.

Yep, the 10 days of quiet can be a challenge, but hopefully you'll find that they go by very quickly. Smile
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Oh dear Izzysmom, it sounds like she knew what was up and wouldn't stand for it. And I can imagine Izzy's pitiful face. Both probably wondering why they were forced to go through such things. Tongue I can't wait for the ten days to be up and get back to a normal exercise routine. The biggest thing I'm concerned about is the licking. I took his cone off while watching him and I guess I didn't put it back on right because he was able to lick himself with it on. I readjusted it and hopefully that will stop it but I'm still going to be cautious.
As ya know BC's are so incredibly limber its tough to stop even with the cone. I aint ever heard some one say it passes fast while its still going on. Hang in there is all I will say no it aint easy but it is soon over says a guy that its over for.
Oh my!! What a pitiful boy! I bet he is working you. I hope your week passes quickly.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. He probably was trying to play me but I didn't give him anything extra except attention but maybe that's what he wanted. Oh well, I don't mind if it made him feel more comfortable.
Honestly I have never kept my dogs, male or female, quiet doing nothing for 7 to 10 days after a spay/neuter. The first day after they don't feel like doing much and by the second day they are feeling fine. I do keep them on a leash for the first 3 days. After that they are let to roam off leash but no play for another couple of days. 
After that I will start to toss them a ball but no running just to be safe. In the meantime if they want to jump up on the couch they can. 
I think they heal more quickly if they are able to be up and moving around. I have always had the laser surgery and have been told there is less pain and faster healing in most cases. 

They are coned at night only because I can't watch them. I also apply a small amount of coconut oil to the area starting about day 5. 

For the most part I truely believe most dogs do handle a spay/neuter very well. There will always be the occasional dog who has issues. 

How's Kep doing today?

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He's doing well, thanks for asking. I took the cone off him and will be keeping a close eye on him throughout the day. He definitely seemed out of it for Thursday and Friday and he was more sleepy than normal for Saturday and Sunday so so far so good. Hopefully we can keep the low activity going for just a little while longer. I must admit that I didn't put him on leash for bathroom breaks but I did carry him up and down the stairs for the first day and a half. I also carried him onto the couch instead of letting him jump up himself. Now I'm letting him do everything he used to except the running and playing. He started to chew through his black kong but then I started the mind games and that's been helping with his bored chewing.

All in all everything is going well and I think Kep is handling this like a pro. Big Grin
I'm glad Kep is doing well. Thankfully, the surgery for boy pups isn't as invasive as for the girls so it is a lot less worrisome.
Glad to hear Kep is doing well I was wondering. Doggy surgery is always very traumatic for all involved.
Glad it is all going well!
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