It's Over Now
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Got Kep neutered yesterday. They did let me pick him up last night instead of having to wait until today which I am so glad about. He seemed so relieved when we got home. He is definitely way more relaxed here than when he was at the vet. I didn't sleep well last night but I don't really care as long as Kep's comfortable. He's currently snuggling next to me on the couch. I think I'll have the cone on him until Monday and then see how he does with it off.
I'm happy everything went well.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Boy do we know what ya going through. Jolie' just got stitches out and lost the cone and is back to her playful lovable self. I slept out on the fouton with her for 5 nights and I really need to tell the folks that made our cone a letter it has survived 2 Bichons and Jolie and though much battered is still functional. It was a rough week but only a week ad over now so hang in there and we will say a prayer for you and Kep
Thanks everyone, I'm so glad that's over now. I think the hardest part of it all is over now and the 10 days of quiet will be rather easy (especially with his personality.) And thanks Cappy! Glad Jolie is doing well. Your cone sounds like it was made to last. Not sure Kep's cone will last that long, it already has a few noticeable creases.
Very happy it all went well!
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Good luck this coming week it was the hardest for us cause Jolie' is a very playful free spirited pup and even with the pain meds it was hard to keep her calm. Then it came a 2 day rain leaving standing water in the yard and she was beside herself wanting to go frolic and play in the water. I wish I'da filmed when she got home with out it. She had a ball playing and frolicking.
Glad it all went well and so happy for you both that he came home to where he was undoubtedly more comfortable. Oh my goodness, Kep has the most adorable eyes, just big dark pools of love and innocence. I love seeing photo's of him, he's a little heart stealer.
Thanks everyone! After a few naps today he seems to be getting more and more back to himself. Still the slightest bit out of it though. He'll probably be wondering why we're not doing our usual activities tomorrow but I don't expect him to be too bad. Besides, I am prepared to do lots of brain games.

Trifan, he certainly is a little heart stealer. He's mastered that puppydog face since I got him and seems to like to use it whenever I pull out the camera. Tongue
I'm glad you were able to bring him home so he didn't have to spend the night away from you. When Tasha had her surgery I was allowed to take her out on leash so we went on lots of long, quiet, walks.
Yeah, I'm allowed on leash walks too. I'm hoping to take him to the local university for a few walks. The semester is over so there will be very few people there.

I feel today it's going tostart to get tough. When I got up this morning Kep seemed to be feeling much better and I know he needs to to stay quite until next Sunday.

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