What flea/tick treatment do you use?
I have two cats so was trying to avoid topical stuff since they play with/lick the puppy. I have used Bravecto on a different dog and it worked well but he is not old enough for Bravecto. The vet gave me Nexgard but after reading some reviews I am hesitant to give him that. I have tried Vets Best natural spray with a previous dog and it worked but actually made the dog sick (vomiting and diarrhea).

Puppy is almost 4 months old.

What do you guys use?

Anyone use Nexgard before?

Any ideas?
I use Nexgard and haven't run into any problems. If there is a natural solution that works just as well I would be interested though.
I am not a fan of topical products. As well as not wanting them to lick it or mouth it on each other when playing, I don't want it on my hands either when I am handling and patting my dogs. Collars in my opinion do not adequately reach all extremities. In Australia at least, ticks are found inside the mouth, inside ears and the sheath on males, places where hair is not present to carry the products. Also effected by moisture if they swim or even get wet during a morning of play on the grass with morning dew. I also find them quite smelly. 

I use Bravecto which is the big brother of Nexguard. Nexguard lasting 1 month and Bravecto lasting 3-4 months. When my dogs are young growing pups I use Nexguard as the dosage requirement changes within a month anyway. I think both of these products are great and opt for Bravest once they are almost fully grown for convenience and the fact that my vet nurse keeps track of due dates on the 1/4 yearly product and rings me overtime it is due for each dog. It's just a service they provide. I guess there are milder products and if fleas were my only concern I might not use the big guns. On the east coast of Australia we have the deadly paralysis tick and there are usually no second chances if symptoms are the first indication that your dog has a tick. I have used these products on 3 dogs now, right from being pups and there have been no ill effects. I feel very confident in their effectiveness.

You can come across negative reviews on most products and with both animals and humans there will be a percentage that certain products do not agree with. I think you need to keep things in perspective. Nexguard and Bravecto are very good products and widely recommended across the globe, therefore used by a higher percentage of people. It stands to reason that negative reactions, even if minimal are proportionate to the number of people using it. I feel that if there are more negative reports on these products it is likely due to them being the most highly used product rather than them actually causing any more problems than anything else.
Amazingly, neither girl is on any sort of preventative right now (cat and dog). Over the winter it was completely unnecessary. Now that it's getting hotter, and we are looking at having a yard for the first time, I am interested too. I'm actually thinking of trying some essential oil blends if I can find some. Not sure that all creepy crawlies are covered there. But I do have a recipe for Citronella, Lavender, and Lemongrass (I think), to soak harnesses/collars in.
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I agree trifan. There will always be a product that someone loves and the next guy hates it. 

Right now we use K9Advantix 2. I use Rose Geranium oil with good luck. I use a cup of water and 15 to 20 drops of the oil in a spray bottle. It doesn't smell very good and after using it a few times I had to add Lavendar oil with it. I spray it on their legs and under parts first then sprayed their neck and backs and rubbed it all in. A little goes a long way so start using it sparingly. 

The reason I don't use it all the time is because of the smell. So I use the Advantix and apply the oil when we go into the woods or will be in the marsh in long grass. I only apply the Advantix every 7 weeks. Doing it this way works for us so far. 
My husband brings in more ticks than the dogs do.  Confused Maybe I need to start brushing him like I do the dogs before he comes inthe house.  Giggle

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Thanks all.

That's funny you mention your husband. Me and the dog went for that small hike and my husband did not come along. He ended up with two ticks on him, they had crawled off the dog and onto him. I had checked the dog 3-4 times and couldn't find any. Ticks/mosquitoes always go for him though, it makes taking a walk easier for me because they just ignore me and go straight for him - ha!

I think I will go ahead and try the nexgard and wait a few days and then give him his heartworm med. That way if he has any reaction to either, it will be easier to pin-point which one.

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