Mother's Day
Happy mother's day to all you moms on here! Fur and human moms alike, you all do a stupendous job. Your hard work and efforts are always appreciated even if you don't always get a thank you. You deserve a break and I hope today can be a calm and peaceful day for you all. Thank you all and enjoy your day, you deserve it! Tailwag
I second the thoughts and wish a most blessed day to all you mothers out there.
I took Peggy on a mothers day date last night after a party we attended. We had a wonderful time and today we plan a quiet peaceful day.
That was so nice LB, thank you. 

I agree with what you said 100%. Happy Mother's Day to all.

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Thanks all, and I'll also send on the best wishes for a great mother's day to all.
Gotta love 'em.
Happy mothers day all! I got insanely cracked up at Walmart Saturday while looking for cards. There were "To Mom from Dog" and "To Mom from Cat" cards for Mothers Day prominently displayed. Now if my girls could figure out how to go shopping without me.... Tongue
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My mom has three cats. I think I'll try to get the "To Mom from Cat" for her next year. She would love it.
LB, what a lovely message.

I had a busy day and didn't get the chance to call my mom until after dinner and ended up talking to her for 2 1/2 hours. She is a great mom and forgave me for calling so late.

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