Fighting BCs
House is a lot quieter and less crazy with the girls separated
OK so dog behavioural expert came

We were impressed

Two issues/observations :

1. She was very impressed by Maddie, thinks she is very smart and confident and is just over zealous in resource guarding. Suggests we teach the girls touch and look with positive reinforcement via treats but make it clear when the fun is over, and that way Maddie will learn there's no point being overly protective, jealous because she doesn't stand to get any reward

2. Thinks Murphy is cute as it gets and also smart but far more anxious than Maddie and has fear based aggression because her experience with other dogs isn't great, partially due to Maddie growling in her face. Thinks we need to take her on walks and when there's another dog have to distract her attention with treats (touch and look) and even avoid dogs if need be. That's step one and she also suggests Prozac!
Also suggests separating the girls at home for time being and if in same room use crates so they can't stare at each other. So have to buy some cheap mobile crates. The ones they sleep in upstairs are heavy as hell.
Sounds like a very good plan! Congrats on the good outlook. Play play play - if you can get Murphy playing with YOU in the presence of other dogs (you can use play in place of the touch/reward on occasion if you want), it can be an even stronger rehab. Def do what the Behaviorist says!
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It looks like you have chose your behaviourist well, and you are willing yo put the work.
Glad you found a good behaviorist! You're now on your way to having this problem solved.
I am so happy for you, you have a direction now. Your behaviourist sounds very good and almost as important, you sound comfortable with them.
Check out sites like eBay and Amazon. There are many cheap crates available. You get what you pay for of course, they are flimsy and I wouldn't get one for everyday use but they are fine for crate separation when you are present. I had one for my Shepherd when his freedom around the house had to be managed. Crate and rotate gives everyone a little chill out time. I look forward to following your progress. Well done.
There are people who have dogs and don't really LOVE love them, then there are people who truly love their dogs.

Our girls are an integral part of our family. I adore these girls. You've all seen pics of them an how gorgeous they are.

So we will do what we have to to improve the situation. Re homing is not an option. If need be they'll be separated LT but we will be trying hard to avoid this.

Thanks for all your support!!
The girls ...

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The Girls...

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