Hi Everyone
I have a two and a half year old Collie who loves to do agility. 
However, when it comes to running at shows or sometimes even at training he can go into a complete meltdown.
There does not seem to be any pattern as to what makes him shut down, quite often I have no idea what it is. I always think it's like stage fright.
I never put any pressure on him and I always keep it fun.
He is an extremely sensitive Collie in life in general.
When he shuts down, he will not do anything at all, he won't take a treat, he won't play tug or even play with a ball. He just looks very worried and confused and has even left the ring at a couple of shows. 
If he never gets to compete that is fine, we will just continue to do it for fun at home. But he enjoys it so much and has tons of potential I thought I would ask in here for any advise before we give up our dreams of competing.
Love to hear from anyone with any ideas or anyone who has a similar issue.
Sometimes we just have to accept we do not know what is spooking the dog. I have one of those, lol.
However it is possible that it could be if you are at a show you as a handler will feel pressure and act a little differently whether you realize it or not, and this could be making your dog nervous.
My other dog Draco is completely whatever, in this situation. Thank goodness the last Scent Detection trial he must of thought I was possessed, lol. He gave me a look, snorted, totally ignored me and got on with his job. He saved the day.

My first BC, I would never know what to expect at agility training until I opened the car door up.
She was either lets do it, or not today. I was asked to join the demo team but expressed my concerns on her unpredictable attitude. Anyway it was agreed that if she turned up, with not feeling it today attitude, I wouldn't run her. Believe me they only agreed to it because when she was feeling it she was amazing.
So I learnt something about this girl, she was a performer. When there was crowds watching her she played to them, even doing a victory lap at the end. The little Diva

Thank you, I have just relived some fond memories of my first girl Tess, I miss her still.
I'm in the US so I don't know if this would work for you but can you take him to a trial and just hang out for a few hours? Bring some high value treats and a favourite toy. If there are some people and dogs he likes let him interact with them and then just leave. No pressure, this is a fun place to be.

Mattie is my rescue, Tasha competes with my daughter. The first time I took Mattie to a three day trial at about four hours into the first day I was ready to call my husband and ask him to come get her, she was so stressed. Months (and many trials) later she loves agility trials. Mattie sees trials as a fun place with lots of yummy treats and she gets to explore and run around and sniff at everything. I don't know if I will ever be able to compete with Mattie but at least she sees trials like a kid at Disneyland, so fun!
Great advice T&M mom

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