How to tire out a Collie.
How to tire out a collie:

#1 Get up early. Stagger around the house as you get dressed, get water in a Nalgene, let the collies out to potty, and grab garage door opener, cell phone, and keys to pickup.
#2 Tell overexcited collies "Let's Go!" as they race out to the pickup. Drive to park, play fetch with chuck-it until Tasha doesn't bring back the ball but flops in the cool grass and waits for you to bring her some water (she is the Princess, after all).
#3 Take collies home to drink water, cool down and have breakfast.
#4 Load collies into minivan. Drive. Attend agility seminar for 3 and a 1/2 hours. One collie gets to run, one collie gets to watch and has a couple of walks to sniff and enjoy that it isn't 110F. Both get lots of yummy treats and petting and praise.
#5 Load collies into minivan...again. And we are off to the vet! Immunizations, heartworm medicine, and a "pawdicure"... what my kid calls a nail trim. Smile
#6 Load collies into minivan for the trip home.

That is sure to do it! Sounds like they had a busy day. I like the name pawdicure. Giggle

I'm not going to lie but... I still have trouble telling them apart. Is it Mattie in the first pic and Tasha in the second?
Tasha is in the first and Mattie in the second.  Tasha usually wears blue or green and Mattie pink or orange (except at Christmas when she wears red).  I admire you for attempting to tell them apart from a few photos, most people that have known them for months mix them up!  

It was a fun and busy day.  I got a couple of nice compliments.  The first was someone telling me they noticed that Tasha had improved greatly since the last seminar.  The second was someone telling me that they thought it was wonderful that I took Mattie with us to expose her to everything and give her confidence.

And they are tired!  And that is a wonderful thing.... except.... tomorrow morning they both will want a trip to the park!
Just another day in the life of a border collie I guess. Going to the park makes for great times.

I did try and it was a 50/50. Well I guess I got it wrong, a bit typical of me... Tongue So Tasha has the thick white stripe on her forehead and Mattie has the thin one with the slightest black stripe going the other way down from the black patch on her left eye? I remember you saying the collar thing before I just keep forgetting which color belongs to who. Though I think I can remember that it is Mattie in your profile pic. That is Mattie right? Sorry, I feel so bad for messing it up.

ETA: I meant Tasha SFun_duh2
Yes, that is Mattie in my profile pic.  Don't feel bad for messing it up, they look so much alike!  Here is a good photo of the two:


Tasha has leaner frame, we often call Mattie 'cross fit pup' because she has a lot of muscle.  I was worried that Mattie was getting a bit chubby and today my vet convinced me that Mattie was just fine and that Tasha has a leaner build.    Tasha has more white in her tail and face and chest and looks like she tried to have a heart on her forehead but it didn't work.   Big Grin  Mattie has freckles on her front legs and the white doesn't go up to her shoulders.

When I first saw Mattie on Petfinder I fell in love because she looked so much like Tasha.  I sent Mattie's photo to my daughter who lives in England with no explanation. My daughter replied that it was a really cute photo of Tasha.  A few minutes later she messaged me and said, "Wait, that isn't Tasha".
Busy day for you and the girls.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Thanks for the explanation! I just need to remember that Mattie is your profile pic and wears pink, Tasha wears blue/green and Tasha has more white and no ticking. I think I've got it now. Thumbsup

Oh and sorry for hijacking your thread. I think I turned it more into an explanation of who's who. Unsure
Tasha's blaze has a split at the top that I try to think of as a fancy "T"
Gotta love 'em.
Loyal Border, I think if you met them it would be really easy to tell them apart, they have very different personalities.  Mattie is as sweet as Tasha is sassy! Smile
Oh goodness that is awesome - for you, maybe only half awesome for them LOL! A tired collie is a well behaved one!
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