Meet Bailey
Bailey came home today!  She's a sweet, sweet girl and still very much a puppy at not quite 11 months old.

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Gotta love 'em.
Is this the same Bailey that needed a re-home?
She is such a sweetie! Hope everything went alright.
She is beautiful ! Heart So happy for you and family on your new pup. She is a lucky girl to have found such a great new home.
Yahoo Great news! Congratulations! Lots of expression on that sweet face.. Big Grin
Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.
Congratulations. Can't wait to see how she grows and progresses. Thanks for taking her in GM.  Heart

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Yes, this is Bailey that needed a new home. She is very sweet, but totally clueless in how to behave around little dogs and just ran right over her little Dachshund brothers like they weren't even there. The older one tried to take her to task, but she nailed him pretty badly and still didn't even know what she had done to bring on the behavior, so she didn't learn any better and hard feelings were inevitable. Her little brother had to have surgery to fix the damage, then more surgery when the first didn't heal like it should. They really couldn't risk their little boy any more.

So far, she is doing really well in our house. I'm taking her training back to the beginning and tethering her to start teaching her to settle with us. She gets along great with my boys and we all play in the yard together and go for walks together.
Gotta love 'em.
Really sounds like the best plan for all was for Bailey to be rehomed. Her first family must feel such relief that she has found a great home with you. Although I don't doubt it was a tough thing for them to have to do and they might need a little while to recover. I hope they feel assured that they have really done what is best for all the dogs and I hope the little Dachshund recovers well.
Congratulations on your new pup, she is very pretty!
Please keep us updated with her! She is so cute! I am very interested into how she grows up!
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