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Good Morning,

My name is "T" and my family and I rescued a sweet 4 year old BC from out local Human Society shelter yesterday.  He is super sweet, but very nervous right now.
He like cheese......

Shaggy was on his second shelter, he was transferred from a smaller on in New Mexico, to the one in our town.  I feel like he may have been on his last chance.
He is a pretty boy, and I believe he has a Blue Merele coat.

He is the 2nd dog we have rescued, our first Jessy the Shiba Inu passed away last Christmas Eve.  After working with a non socialised Shiba, we are no experts, but have tons of patience and love to help Shaggy make the move into a new and wonderful life.

Currently, he is most at ease in the far back corner of our large securely fenced yard, and is not very fond of steps.....We are allowing him to bond without 13 year old daughter, and with our help we hope this will be a great experience for them both.

We also have a 7 year old Can King Charles, and her biggest accomplishment everyday is jumping of our bed in the morning so she can go to her bed in the living room and get back to


Action-smiley-030 Hello and welcome to ABC! Love and patience is all you need to start. Everything else will come if you have those two. Do you have any pics of Shaggy to share? Grin
I will get them posted after Church!!!!
Hello and Welcome. Thank you for giving Shaggy another chance in a loving home. I look forward to seeing photo's and hearing of his progress.
Thank you for rescuing! It can be a trial, but you are changing a life, so it is so worth it.
Gotta love 'em.
Welcome, and thanks for taking Shaggy into your home.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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So, yesterday and today are going to be a challenge.

It seems that Shaggs has developed Kennel Cough, and is responding in like fashion; not eating, very low energy, coughing...
Working now to get him in to the Vet, worst case I will take him to the Emergency vet, ours can not see him until later in the week.

Also found 4 ticks on him yesterday, so we removed them, and treated him and his bedding with all a natural product.  He did manage to come in  out out of the house on his own (3 stairs) but will not make the climb up the stairs to the 2nd floor yet.

I have a feeling that when he is over his cough, we will see a different dog.

Shaggy is my 2nd rescue, and I am not sure who gets rescued us or the pups....
We are using this time around to teach our 13 year daughter how important rescue is, and also how much work and reward are involved.
What a little cutie! Poor guy! Hope he gets over his cough soon!
Got an appointment in an hour to get him some treatment....
My goodness Shaggy is a great name for him! He is precious! The nervous ones are so worth the time and effort they take - and they take a lot! What a great opportunity to teach the teen Smile
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