Puppies bond with older dog that is amazing
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I just thought id share my story.

We had 2 amazing border collies, when I say amazing, words cant describe how amazing they are, brother and sister.
Max and Lucy.
Both 16 years old when we lost Max, worst time of my life.
So, after a few months of thought, we decided to get 2 new puppies.
Not to replace Max by no means, just to give them a good home.

We were afraid that lucy wouldn't take to them, but how wrong we were.
This is about how 2 collies (brother and sister) can be introduced to an older dog Lucy now 17.
The bond between them will never be broken.
She has got so much going on now in her life, its like she's 5 again. Its the best thing we have ever done.
So if anyone is wondering .. should I get a puppy after the death of a companion, I would say yes , get 2!
Ive put together a small video a few mins long to show you.
I hope this will help those whove lost a dog, or thinking about getting one in some way.

Thanks, david.

The puppies are Ghost, Summer and older dog Lucy.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMTybkg7P3E
Just wanted to say beautiful vid! Loved it
We added a puppy with my older collie who sadly passed in April and he absolutely loved him made him feel young again.
So I know what you mean
Oh and welcome
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Thanks a lot, appreciate that. Yes it made the world of difference to all of us, I'm sure you understand what I mean yeah. Thanks
Wlecome! Action-smiley-030 What a beautiful video! You have some gorgeous dogs.
Beautiful video !!!

Beautiful dogs too. The young ones look like they know who's boss now when they are near the older one.
"A tired border collie, is a good border collie"
Hello and Welcome. Beautiful video.
Thanks for the comments and welcome, cheers.
Yes, they both know whos boss, Lucy puts them back in place when they step out of line, although, it doesn't stop summer dancing infront of her every morning.
As soon as Summer wakes up, the first thing she does is track down Lucy, spend about 30 second kissing her, then after a few mins, lucy has enough and the dancing begins.
Hi and welcome!
Gotta love 'em.

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