Feeding Josie whey
Hi everyone, 

I recently have been reading a book on the benefits of probiotics and all the bacteria in our guts. From this book I've been making a few different fermented recipes including home made yoghurt and Labna cheese. One of the byproducts of making yoghurt is whey. It felt like such a waste throwing this out and I read that it is a great source of protein for dogs and good for their coats. Has anyone else heard this? I just poured half a cup over josie's biscuits and she lapped it up!
Whey is basically a milk by-product, right? I have no idea if it's got enough lactose to bother a lactose intolerant dog, but as long as that isn't an issue, then the only issue I see is the amount. Make sure you aren't giving more than about 1/5 of her diet in unbalanced foods.
Gotta love 'em.
Whey is not a really good thing to add to a dogs diet. They will love it but that is because of it's sweetness. It is not naturally occurring but instead a bi-product. It is protein and although many humans use it for body building or a supplement in a smoothie form when normal diet is inadequate, it is not great for dogs. Our dogs are not body building and the extra protein on top of a normal balanced diet is too much protein and can apparently effect the liver.

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