Catching a half behavior on it's own?
Per something Trifan posted in another thread of mine, I got to thinking. I am working on fold-back-downs with Ember, and half way there is something that looks like a play bow. I want to capture this half-down as it's own behavior ("take a bow") on my way to getting the down ("drop").

Would you teach the full "drop" first, and then go back and try for the "take a bow"? Or is it okay to pause half way, get "take a bow" down, and then push further for the "drop" when the first is learned on cue?
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In retrospect I should perhaps have tried it exactly as you are suggesting i.e.: bow first. Mine do a lovely fold back drop which was easily achieved by asking for it from a standing position. If she is not yet doing the fold back then I personally would try and capture and mark the bow first. I wish I had thought to do that as their quick fold back drop is now an obstacle. We'll get there. I guess I shouldn't have separated obedience and trick as two seperate things. The little darlings are so eager to please it all happens so quickly.

With the stand from a sit, I hold a treat in the nook between thumb and palm. Hold hand flat above head about 10" above. Step back and draw hand back. As soon as the back end lifts, step forward again to reward before dog has a chance to step to me and mark it.

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