New pup on monday!
We are picking up a new sister for Rambo on Monday. She is 8 weeks old and part boarder collie, Aussie, and they said part sheep dog. Time to puppy proof the house again! If the picture posts she is the one on the left

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Very cute!! What are you going to call her? Or have you not decided yet?
Gotta love 'em.
I think the plan is Freya but we want to see her personality the first day before we decided.
Oh My Gosh. What a sweet little face. I want a puppy,  Undecided

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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She is gorgeous and I bet she becomes fast friends with Rambo. My boys are just 12 months apart with the youngest not quite 12 months. It ws a world of joy watching them interact right from the start. Enjoy !
Rambo tends to be really gentle with smaller dogs and puppies so we think things should go well. He has been in many socialization classes and had a lot of dog park visits and play dates. Only thing we are worried about is interaction on his home turf we have not done that a lot. We plan to have separate feeding spots and bowls. We are actually taking it a step further and getting new bowls for Rambo as well. Maybe it will make him less territorial not sure.
She is a cutie! Maybe you could have them first meet up in a neutral place eg the park and then go home. That way Rambo will have had a chance to get to know the new pup before she arrives. Just make sure that the place you choose doesn't get a lot of dog traffic as to prevent the new pup from getting anything. Smile
Dogs do tend to recognise pups as babies up to approx 6 months of age. We took Max to our breeder for their first introduction. We fed in the same area with pup in a pen until they learned to respect each other space at meal times. It didn't take long at all. While I understand that some dogs may never be comfortable eating together I think avoiding the situation perhaps can contribute to the likelihood of there being an issue later on. I mean, each to their own but in the bigger picture there is always the possibility of them finding themselves in the same vicinity as food so perhaps preparing them for such a situation could avoid a problem later.

Photo of first meeting and meal time manners.

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