I thought I would share a video of how much fun Draco and I have had with this.
This was phase 2,  meaning when I introduced 3 new behaviours, nose target, step on platform and front feet up on a chair there was no initial cue given when introduced.
Basically I demo and say "Do It".  He has never done feet on a chair before I introduced it.   However Draco is footsy and loves perchwork so this was not a huge leap for him
Next phase I will introduce 2 more behaviours he has never done before and to also do a chain of the known behaviours 

You are doing great, I love Draco's enthusiasm. My book arrived but I haven't started yet. I have realised how many behaviours I have taught the boys that I can't actually do because of my spine and leg injuries so we must proof a few other behaviours that I can more easily use first. Thanks for sharing it is very motivational and encourages me to focus more on getting this started.
Yes Draco can be excitable.
It is finding behaviours that you can do as well.
You could do a low jump, that you would step over.
Do they know a send out around a cone
Or any targets.

We are having fun with this, partly because it is quite simple and very few rules and something very different. Heads up when you first start the dogs are really quite shocked and confused it is funny
Oh wow, nice work! I love his enthusiasm too. It sure looks like he's having a ton of fun!
I call him "it's my favourite thing". That's how he approaches life, l love him for it. But we had to work on over excitement, lol
Strangely enough he is the quietest and laziest dog in the house.
That looked like so much fun!
Gotta love 'em.
Can't wait to start it! A few more weeks of Fenzi and parents in the house! I love watching you with Draco. He's such a funny boy.
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We had quite a journey with his excitement. He can go to frantic, it is based in anxiety.
I wished I videoed him when I first had him. It was sad he had no weight, big pupils, he would even throw up. It is a tricky balance sometimes if I try and control him too much in training he gets stressed and will get very worked up. In more specific precise behaviours I really have to be aware of criterias and bring them in one by one. But he likes to work and is super fun, but I need to be aware of his arousal state.

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