Visiting Home
We (kid, Mom, and two collies) just got back from a trip to visit with family.  Had a wonderful time and the collies got to meet lots of dog cousins. 

Here is a photo of Grandma, kid and pup.

Glad you had a good time! Looks like a nice walking route there.
Such a beautiful place and I am highly envious of such a great place to walk. On tomorrows walk I'll try and take pics of my walking trail, OMG it is so rough with big rocks sticking out of the dirt road. This morning I nearly face planted 3 times. It's going to happen, I just know it LOL
So green and lush. Doesn't look like the dessert area. It must have been a nice change for you and the dogs.

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So glad everyone is having fun! What a beautiful area! I bet everyone enjoyed the change in scenery!
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Trifan, it was so beautiful. I usually get to walk my dogs in the desert and have to watch out for cactus and rattlesnakes and come home with shoes filled with sand.

We didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked. We got short notice that a family member that I haven't seen in at least eight years was visiting and so had to squeeze in a visit between my kid's activities. I'm really tempted to take another trip in late summer to enjoy the cool temperatures.

I am so proud of Mattie. She met eight new dogs and got along with all but one who had zero social skills and was a bit of a bully and a really big (100 lbs.) dog.
I didn't walk my usual track this morning because it rained last night which means the road would also have been slippery as well as big rocks, plus it has a lot of small hills to slide down. We went to the river instead today, it is a sandy river edge so I can really relate to the shoes full of sant. On Sunday I'll try to remember to take photo's of this trail I walk. It is a pocket of rain forrest with a rocky creek running all the way along the edge of the road. It's such a shame I can't let the dogs free to explore along the creek but it is a national park that strictly speaking I am not allowed to take the dogs into and local council sets dog baits for feral dogs in there. You just never know if other animals may have moved the baits closer to the creek, they are usually right back in the  forrest. LB's lovely photo's inspire me to share more photo's of our area.

These are older photo's of the river we go to.

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Aww, that's nice of you to say Trifan! Never knew my pictures would inspire anyone.

TMM, sounds like Mattie did really well! Sounds like that other dog she didn't get along with would be challenging for some "well socialized" dogs to get along with too. Must feel good that she got along with the other 7. Big Grin (plus 7 is a lucky number, right? Tongue)
Loyal Border, I was so proud of Mattie getting along with all the new dogs. My sister has a cute rescue pup that is just a little over a year old and he loves to play chase. He would chase my two all over the yard and Mattie kept trying to get him to run so she could be the one to chase. Mattie was so confused as to why he didn't understand the game and would finally give up and start running.

Trifan, great photos. We went to the lake one day and I'm proud to say that both my dogs can swim. Mattie jumped in right away but it took Tasha being upset that my daughter was out in the water to convince Tasha to jump in.

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