Another Long Hike
Kep and I went for a long hike today. We went on the same trail as last time but this time we continued on to the end. All in all it was about 15 miles (24km). Anyway here are the most interesting things we crossed on the trail (not including the sites I showed last.)

A field with some nice little purple flowers
[Image: 20170629_094346_zpsxeetngfe.jpg]

A broken tree that I thought looked cool
[Image: 20170629_102350_zpsrsoijg5x.jpg]

A nice view of a pond
[Image: 20170629_115026_zpsgr9ofnqw.jpg]

A bridge over a stream with a neat little stone wall thing behind it.
[Image: 20170629_115929_zpsr9mj7nhk.jpg]
[Image: 20170629_120020_zpsh7ivvbq6.jpg]

Interesting part of the stream
[Image: 20170629_120108_zpsn1eyxh6h.jpg]

A weird little bridge that doesn't really go over anything. Just makes for slightly easier walking I guess Shrug
[Image: 20170629_123957_zpsf8eqduk2.jpg]

The trail followed a stream down a really rocky hill.
[Image: 20170629_124628_zpsfnoqcfwa.jpg]
[Image: 20170629_124726_zpswwicipug.jpg]
[Image: 20170629_124847_zpsmiuboq8i.jpg]

The trail then led to the top of a big hill with a nice lookout
[Image: 20170629_131220_zpsj82tmuhn.jpg]
[Image: 20170629_131341_zpsnm16wvbf.jpg]
[Image: 20170629_131500_zpsixuftu9k.jpg]

Then there was this ditch being held with a stone wall. My guess is it was the foundation to an old no longer existing house.
[Image: 20170629_132400_zpsjdwfdtby.jpg]

At the end is a conservation center and also a pond.
[Image: 20170629_145803_zpsvme1hq6l.jpg]
[Image: 20170629_145826_zpsskwoiu2l.jpg]

That was quite a hike if I do say so myself. I'm a little beat now. I also hiked 7 miles yesterday too though so that might also have something to do with it. Tongue Next super long hike: Massachusetts. Wink
Beautiful photos! Kep looks quite handsome.
WOW, that was quite an adventure, I would need to take my swag for 24km haha. Fantastic photo's. Yep is looking a little sleepy in that last photo, bless him.
That's a really cool area to hike in. Kep seems to have enjoyed the day. How long did he crash for when you got home?

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[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

I agree he is looking pretty dog-gone tired Tongue Very beautiful area! Great job!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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Thanks everyone! He is a bit of a handsome lad isn't he? Tongue Yep he was definitely tired at the end. There was a bench at the end that I sat on and Kep jumped on next to me and proceeded to fall asleep. For how long he crashed, basically until this morning. We got back at around 4:30pm and after a shower I zonked out until like 7:15ish. I woke up to Kep telling me it was his dinner time (his nose in my face) so I got up and fed him. He then slept until bedtime at 10:30 and wanted to play. Thankfully he was still tired and fell right asleep when we went to bed. So in short 15 hours. Big Grin
Here, they use boardwalks like that in areas that get mucky, swampy, or marshy in the rainy season. That looked like a wonderful place to spend the day!!
Gotta love 'em.
(07-01-2017, 02:10 PM)Gideon Wrote: Here, they use boardwalks like that in areas that get mucky, swampy, or marshy in the rainy season.  That looked like a wonderful place to spend the day!!

Yes, same in Australia. It is also used in some of our National Parks in any climate zones including desert habitat, for the preservation of sensitive Flora and Fauna. Encouraging visitors to such National Parks is the best way to preservation via education but it also can cause the greatest stress and threat. It is used to create a specific track that the habitat can deal with and adjust to. Visitors are provided information as to the importance of not stepping off the timber path.

Australia has a LOT of National Parks and in my area State Forrests. My area is surrounded by them in all directions from only 1/2km (0.31ml) to maximum of 10 km (6.21ml) away. The big downer is that you are not allowed to take dogs into them, not even on lead. I sneak into my closest one on a regular basis and have gotten away with it for 27 years of living here. In the state forrest closest you can ride your horses  and dirt bikes but can't take an on leash dog.
That's crazy that you can take horses in but no dogs! Yikes Those little wooden bridges might be to make sure people don't wander off the trails. I don't think they're for mud though. We crossed many different mud patches with a few of them having a different kind of bridge but this bridge was over dry dirt. It might be to also help people tell which way they're supposed to be going. The brush gets a little thicker in areas making it harder to see the path so the bridge probably helps a little with that.
We have thousands of places where you can take horses but not dogs. People don't disobey the rules and turn their horses loose, horses don't like to leave the path, and horses won't eat whatever is supposed to live there.
Gotta love 'em.

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