Local Honey?
I know people say local honey has benefits for humans with seasonal allergies. I think I've also heard something about it having benefits for dogs with seasonal allergies too. I think Kep may have some seasonal allergies. He constantly has red itchy ears and has scratched a patch of fur behind his ear bald. I've been to the vet when it started and they said it was allergies to something. I've already tried switching his food a few times to see if it was that. I figured local honey would be worth a try because it can't hurt and it's better than any drugs that the vet would give me.

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with local honey and if they noticed any effect.
We buy local raw honey cause its good for us and I feel certain it helps me with my allergies and a sppnful in a glass with lemon juice bourbon and water makes what us Cajuns call a toddy soothes ya throat and helps ya get to sleep and after that I never wake up sniffy.
Good to know it works on humans! Thumbsup I remember having it when I was younger but can't remember if it actually worked. Tongue
I don't know about local honey and dogs but I have tried it for my allergies and recommend you be really careful. I tried it and had a horrible reaction (almost went into anaphylactic shock) so I would only give a very tiny amount to start (like 1/4 of a pea size).

My GSD had horrible allergies and did really well taking Benadryl (#3/ 25mg.), Pepcid (#1/ 20mg.), two times a day. This was for a 90lbs. dog. My boy did really well when I changed his food to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. Good luck! Allergies are really changeling.
Oh that's awful! Sorry to hear TMM. Good idea with trying the smallest amount first. I know Kep also had a problem with his eye constantly being itchy and having red around it. I switched his food and the red went away and his eye went almost completely back to normal in two weeks since starting the switch. Since then his eyes were normal until I had him neutered and took the cone off. When I took the cone off his eyes seemed to be super itchy again. This time I think it might be the mosquitoes as I'll find them latched onto him right under/over his eyes. As for his ears I'm at a complete loss as to what to do.
Honey also can help to cure wounds and hot spots. The only problem is to keep the dog from licking.  Big Grin

Have you tried Benedryl for Kep? I've always had good luck with it stopping the scratching. I gave 1, 3 times a day for about 5 days then took a couple days off to see how things were going. If needed I started with the Benedryl again. I used the Walmart version of Benedryl.

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No I haven't tried benedryl but have used prednisone when I initially went to the vets. That stopped the itchy ears but the itching soon came back after we stopped. I feel like it would be the same with benedryl with the benedryl working and then if I were to stop his ears would get itchy again. Of course I could try it but I'd rather not have to use any drugs long term...
Yeasty ears are usually a reaction to food, so maybe collect the ingredient lists on the foods you tried and start comparing them to see which ingredients they have in common and look for a food that doesn't have those ingredients. Good luck! Allergies can be a PITA to get sorted out.

Only suspect seasonal allergies if they suddenly clear up at certain times of year or come on at certain times of year. Seasonal allergies usually show up as a contact issue, like red paws after walking outside, but can affect all of the skin and show up as generalized skin irritation/redness, thinning coat.
Gotta love 'em.

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