Mentally-Stimulating Activities for a Pup?
Hi guys!

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but my sweet little boy has been keeping me busybusybusy! He's turning 23 weeks on Thursday, and every day he grows smarter and finds brand new wonders of the world. We recently took him to the beach and the ocean terrified him until he realized how much fun it was to chase the waves -- and the way I squealed when he knocked me over into the cold water! 

[Image: 19430063_1681493655224436_57803906153141...e=5A07897A]

Anyway, I've had three BC's before him, and as we all know, you need to observe and tailor your training regimen to fit your pup's personality and learning abilities. That being said, he seems to be doing exceptionally well. The only thing he really has a problem with is when my boyfriend and I are both out of the house -- he literally cries from the moment we leave until we get back. Thankfully, I'm almost always home, but if anyone has any tips on how to keep him from getting so anxious and learn I'm coming back, that'd be helpful as well! I can't tell if it's because the longest he's spent away from me has been 3 hours, or if he's just still young, but he's fine as long as SOMEONE is in the house with him.

Trico has been enrolled in an Agility class for the past two months; getting him used to obstacles, mark boards, doing tunnels and teaching him basic handling while having the distraction of other puppies around. I also take him for a 20 - 30 minute walk on the trails behind my house every night, a fifteen-minute walk in the morning, and work him 2 - 3 times a day on obedience and tricks. He's graduated from the basics to more intermediate tricks, like jumping into my arms, covering his eyes, and JUST got the knack for Sit Pretty [ it was SO AMAZING to see what I was asking finally click in his mind -- he was SO proud of himself! ]. He can spin both directions, walk between my legs forwards and backwards, do leg weaves, hand targeting, some object targeting, and using a step stool to learn front and rear end awareness. 

All that being said...I'm running out of things to teach him! I'm of course asking him for longer and more precise movements, as well as really refining his Stay, Wait, and Leave It commands. I train him for anywhere between 5 - 15 minutes per training session, taking a few breaks for tug of war and fetch when his attention starts to wander or I see him getting frustrated. 

I'd absolutely love some input on how I can keep his mind occupied and continue to deepen our bond. I'm currently on break from college so I have all day to spend with him for another couple of months. I can tell he's really happy and has a nice balance of activity and relaxation [ I was lucky in that he learned how to relax within the first couple of weeks after I brought him home! ] but I really, really don't want him getting bored of the same things, or ask too much of him and set him up for failure.

If anyone has any ideas on activities, tricks, exercises, new games, or anything else that would keep Trico happy and constantly working that beautiful brain of his, I'd love to hear them! Here are some pictures of my pride and joy -- he's growing SO FAST~!

[Image: 18838795_1653407394699729_14730957997805...e=5A03CB6C]
[Image: 19429886_1681494638557671_87596819995250...e=59D6B9EA]
I've got a good one for you. Teach him to balance a treat on his nose and once you've got that down teach him to catch it himself. As for the whining when you're gone search the forums for separation anxiety.

Trico looks like a happy silly kinda guy. Big Grin
I have nothing useful to add (am very much a novice), just wanted to say I love that second photo. He looks soooo intelligent.
Attached is a picture of him the day we got him; I can't BELIEVE how quick he's growing. He's definitely gunna be a BIG boy -- at 5 months he's already almost the size of my other BC.

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Quote:@"Loyal Border" 

Oh, that's a good one -- it'll definitely help him with his self-restraint! And hahah oh yeah, he's a goofy boy. It's like he lives to make me laugh. I've had 4 other BCs throughout my life and NONE of them have ever made me laugh as much as Trico. My other girl, Prairie, thinks this bundle of fur and energy is her responsibility to herd and keep him in the same room as me. Pretty girl just turned 15 and is so incredibly tolerant of him.


Awh, thank you! He's almost scary smart -- he picks up almost anything I teach him in two or three days at MOST. He definitely has 'the eye' and will just look and look at you while you talk or move, trying to figure out exactly what's going on and how he can be involved or "help". :]
Teach him the name of his toys. You can always play the cup game. Put a treat under a cup and have him find it. Adding more cups the better he gets. 

He is really a cute guy.

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