Thundershirt and Fireworks
Tasha is terrified of fireworks and thunder.  For Independence Day last year I spent a few hours sitting in the recliner with Tasha on my lap.  She was shaking and so upset that she didn't pant, just this heavy breathing through her nose.  Her eyes looked strange and I could tell she was in a state of panic.

This year was different (Thank you, Only-Borders, for your help).  I started using Rescue Remedy in the collie's water about a week before the 4th.  I put the Thundershirt on Tasha a few days before the 4th to make sure she wasn't bothered by it and gave her small bites of string cheese and played ball with her so she would see the Thundershirt as a good thing.  On the 4th I had my daughter feed dinner a few hours early so the collies could get outside to do their business before any fireworks started.  I put Tasha in the Thundershirt gave both girls Melatonin and Zylkene.  Mattie has no fear of fireworks but she does sometimes get stressed if Tasha is stressed and I haven't noticed any negative effects from either supplement.

We started playing fetch in the house with Tasha before the fireworks began (our community show is close to our home).  When the show started Tasha raced to the front door to bark at the noise.  She continued playing fetch through the entire display and didn't have any reaction to the noise (other then barking at the front door).  The fireworks display stopped at 9:30 and that is when one of my neighbors decided to put on their own display .... for an hour! Angry   Tasha was stressed at that noise since it was so close to home but she spent her time on our bed panting a bit but I would estimate her stress level at only 1/3 of what it had been the year before. 

Only-Borders, I completely forgot about giving Benadryl, I will try to remember that for next time and I plan to order the flower essence you recommended.  I had the Rescue Remedy on hand but it is really expensive!

Another note for anyone wanting to try out a Thundershirt.  Tasha is my daughter's dog and when she was a puppy my kid would play dress-up with the pup so Tasha is very relaxed when we put clothing on her.  I tried the Thundershirt on Mattie (my rescue) and she wasn't as confident.  Mattie froze and swayed and I really thought she might fall over.  I had my daughter offer her bites of string cheese and walk her around the house and she walked with a silly waddle and was very uncomfortable.  I think at least once a week I'm going to put the Thundershirt on both dogs.  With Tasha it will be so she doesn't associate the shirt with being stressed and for Mattie it will be to associate yummy treats and get her used to wearing it.
I'm so happy that Tasha had a better 4th this year.  7up 

Since Obi didn't do well this year with fireworks I was not sure how he would do with thunder. Well we had storms yesterday and he did great. I was afraid so soon after the fireworks he would react strongly but I was happily surprised. Way to go Obi. Thumbsup

I'm still adding flower essence to their water daily. We have many more fireworks to get through this season. I think it helps Zoe and Pax and maybe Obi if he doesn't have to go through 5 days of fireworks. 

Congrats to Tasha on being such a brave girl.

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Wow congrats indeed! I love these success stories!
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Well done, it must be very difficult with it being an annual event, not a lot of practice opportunities. OB that is great about the thunder storm, I guess they know the difference because of air pressure and static with a storm whereas the fireworks just come out of nowhere. I hope it is all finished for you soon.

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