Training Time
So recently I've been doing some perch work with Kep to get him to smoothly switch the side of me he's on. All is going well with that. Yesterday I measured out a portion of his meal for training (because I ran out of treats) and put it in my treat pouch. I didn't use the whole portion for the session so I closed the pouch and put it up on the counter to wait until his dinner to give the rest. Later on when it was dinner time I brought the treat pouch with me to put the food in his bowl with the rest of his dinner. I forgot about the treat pouch and just left it up there (which I don't normally do.) Well after his dinner I went into the living room to sit on the couch and check the forums. When I was done and got up off the couch Kep immediately sprang up and ran past me. He ran over to the door that leads outside so I thought he needed to go out or maybe just wanted to play. When I caught up to him he ran past the door and went upstairs to where his food is. He only does that when he knows it's time for him to eat but he already ate so I was a little bewildered. When I got up there I noticed the treat pouch I had left and realized that Kep knew I had put it there but never filled it with anything nor did any training. Kep looked at me all excited so I decided to grab a small handful of his food to do another training session.

My goodness what a little genius he is! He wouldn't let me deprive him of the opportunity of a training session, especially since I already had all the stuff out. Tongue Just another quirk BCs are well know for I guess. Giggle
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Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
Such a smart boy! I love it!
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Smart indeed.

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He's a clever boy !

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