Merrick dog food?
    Hi everyone, 
As some of you know, I have recently adopted a now 3 month old border-aussie puppy and named her Memphis. I've been feeding her Merrick dog food for the time I've had her, and she hasn't had any problems with it until now. While I was transitioning her old limited ingredient diet from the breeder to her new one, which was merricks grain free 'real Texas beef and sweet potato recipe', she had slightly loose stool which was normal given all that she's been through with her new home and everything. I had to change her dog food this week because she doesnt like beef, so I switched to Merrick grain free 'real chicken and sweet potato recipe', because she seemed to really like some of the duck and chicken chews shes had. This lead to some minor diarrhea, which I decided was normal, but to be safe I did some research. When I chose merrick initially, I did some light research on the brand and found only good. Today I decided revisit my research and found that merrick was bought out by purina a few years ago. I don't want to take the risk and keep feeding Memphis this potentially dangerous dog food, but I haven't found any evidence of 'foul play' on purina's part in regards to putting any sketchy ingredients in the food. I like merrick as a brand and their products, in particular their training treats, which are the only more affordable and small training treats I have found for her so far that she has deemed worthy. I don't want to make her stomach suffer any more, since she's a puppy and hasn't had any real problems with this food so far. I came here to ask your opinions on wether or not I should switch out the food, and if I should, what brands you guys would recommend? I live in Canada and I am currently getting my dog food from bosleys which is sort of a higher end pet food store, and I also live near a petsmart. Any advice would be appreciated.
Merrick is a good quality kibble. It could be that Purina hasn't change the recipe for Merrick. So many companies seem to have been sold and the quality of good kibbles has gone down but not in all cases. 
It's getting harder to know what kibble to feed. Here is a site you can check out that might give you some insight. You can also sign up to get emails if there are any recalls.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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I guess I'll keep her on merrick for now. I am just a bit skeptical about feeding her a brand that is accociated with Purina. Thanks Linda!
Merrick has had quality control issues in the past, before Purina got them, so I would hope that Purina would at least keep them consistent.

While you are looking around on Dog Food Advisor, do a search on rotational diet.
Gotta love 'em.
I have been working on a rotation diet. I used to feed strictly Taste of the Wild, High Prairie. I have now tried Earthborn and NutriSource and both my dogs have done really well on the food.

By the way, adorable puppy!
My JRT used to get loose stools with the slightest change in diet, but after starting her on a rotational diet, she had a loose stool for the first time in 5 years yesterday. And that was because of the procedure she had done at the vet earlier in the day.
Gotta love 'em.

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