Frustrated - kibble or nothing when traveling
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I brought Ember with me to Myrtle Beach to stay with my brother for 4 days. My parents couldn't handle the added stress of being on a feeding schedule right now - their house is in the final stages of completion - so I had to bring her. 

And the stupid fool of a dog will NOT eat out of her bowl. But turkey from my hand or floor is just fine. So I give up. When she travels she is just getting kibble (which we've been working on reintriducing over the past few weeks). It will be down all day until she decides to eat at which point I will add something yummier into her bowl while shes eating. I can't handle the frustration of worryingly about her starving (has not had a bite all day now) just for her to say "but I want what You have". 

I dunno. I'll take Suggestions. I just threw out two entire portions of expensive raw food she refused to touch over the course of today. Part of me just wants to assume she won't eat the first day and deliberately fast her for a day and a half but that feels even meaner than risking frustration that just upsets her.
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Take this with a grain of salt considering that  I have been taking care of small children since I was 11 so have a difficult time with anything in my care not eating properly.  

Mattie doesn't eat well when stressed and when we go on trips will often go 24 hours or more not wanting to eat her kibble (she also often goes 48 hours without going potty but that is a different issue).  So I baby her.  I bring string cheese and chicken and feed her some on and off during the day.  Not enough to make a meal but enough so I don't worry about at least getting some food into her.  Also, since I know Mattie isn't going to eat her kibble I want to have her associate food on a trip as a positive thing so she gets the high value cheese and chicken.   I wouldn't not feed Ember before a trip.  I always make sure Mattie gets a really good breakfast the day we leave because I know she won't want to eat.
Like TMM, I would just plan on asking for a few easy behaviors and treating the first day and not even offer a meal.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks for listening guys Smile It is so entirely frustrating when she doesn't eat, and I always see it coming.

I didn't feed her this morning before leaving - would you suggest holding out the meal the night before as well? That makes sense about the chicken and cheese. It has always bothered me when she misses even just 1 meal (even though I've seen her go three days before even trying to eat, so I know it's not hurting her at all). And she's really good about putting herself on a "diet" sometimes, and just doesn't. But we haven't had THAT problem since switching to fresh/raw, except when the food goes bad due to being open too long.

Next time we travel I will try that. I was concerned about cheese/chicken "spoiling" her - she is very quick to snub regular food when other "better" food is present. It just completely threw me for a loop that she would snub RAW - she's never done that before.

Do you guys agree with ditching raw/fresh while traveling? I know I've seen people say that's why they try to keep kibble in the diet somewhere. It is just far from her favorite thing though she does view it as editable at the very least. I think I finally found one she likes too (same brand as her raw food).
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I don't feed raw but if I did I think I would still feed some kibble if I needed to travel.  If Mattie doesn't eat her kibble I save it until the next meal.  Not a problem storing it.  

If Ember will eat her meal before you leave then I would feed it.  One of the questions I ask myself when dealing with children/pets is, "Is this the hill I want to die on".   If it is life or death it is the hill I am willing to die on otherwise it is not.  Eating what I put in front of you is not.  I wouldn't worry about spoiling her. If Ember is stressed she needs a bit of spoiling.  If she acts the same at home you can say, "Whatever!  Eat or don't eat!"  But away from home when stressed I would treat it differently.
Chris these darn BCs, lol
Because you are worried about her not eating, you are making an issue about it, so she now has pressure on her. You know she shuts down with pressure. Probably started because you are away from home. you know May is also like this if I take her out for potty and want her to get on with it.
I would forget about the raw when traveling. This is one of the main reasons I feed both raw and kibble. raw is great when you are home but doesn't work well for travel. 

Like QD said if you are stressing over her not eating, well you know the rest. She won't starve herself and I'm pretty sure you won't let her.  Wink

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As long as you use the chicken and cheese as "training treats" she isn't going to see it as holding out for better. Training treats are usually better anyway, but they are pay for work, even if the work is easy.

That's why I keep kibble in the diet as well. I expect appetite to change when traveling and just go with it. I offer a few pieces of kibble and if there is interest, then I offer more. But if there is no interest, I just move on to the next thing. Dogs are built to fast and binge eat. That's why their stomach is able to stretch so much, so I don't worry about them fasting for a day or so.
Gotta love 'em.
I guess my concern was me chosing the fast for her - like I am making her miss when she really could be hungry!

Indeed on the frustration, which was why I posted - I knew I was making it worse and needed to completely vent lol. You guys always keep me straight Tongue

I gave her a little more turkey last night, but asked for really simple things - sit, down, high five. On the down, she dropped like a rock and finally perked her ears forward for the first time all day. It's amazing the change asking for a little work could bring - and that work is a "happy" for her! She was very eager to please to get that turkey!

This morning she ate her normal breakfast and has waited all day until just now to chow down on a bully stick I bought her earlier. So she's already more normal.

I was going to take her out to the little mini dog park this neighborhood has for her to really get a good sniffing session in unhindered by me (assuming no other dogs were there, prepared to use strong discretion if there were dogs), but it is just too hot. Maybe when the sun starts going down. I took her on a LOOOOONG sniff walk last night (almost 45 minutes around the entire complex and even some off leash time in the empty dog park) after venting her. Though it didn't whet her appetite, it did seem to make her feel better overall. She is much happier today.

There were several things I could list that would have caused yesterday's fast:

1) She just doesn't really like traveling
2) I had a carload of stuff, including a microwave with the plate in it that rattled on every bump the entire 2 hour drive
3) She had to sit in the front seat, which she hates, because the back was full
4) I had to run the air conditioner, which she hates, because it was stinkin hot by 8am
5) It was stinkin hot
6) Brother's apartment is a "luxury" apartment with hardwood floors - which she hates, and has 0 traction on
7) I dropped her and ran to work for 5 hours in my company's office

So yea, it was completely warranted, and I was simply hoping the raw bring-along was tempting enough to counteract all of that. Of course my little, tired brain didn't put that all together until late last night. I'm still learning...
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