Training Differences
I came across this on fb. I like seeing these sorts of differences and which is more effective. I'm sure you're all already aware of these differences but it's still a good read.
After reading it I ended up sharing it on Facebook. Thank you. I am so guilty - especially as I've learned so much about behavior. You would think I would know better than to want to approach any other dogs, but I am just so drawn!

On the other hand, Ember would THRIVE in this kind of environment.
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I would totally be guilty of it too except I'd rather not interact with the people at the other end of the leash. LOL

I would love to visit Europe with Kep someday. From what I've read Europe sounds a lot more dog friendly than most places here in the US (especially according to this article Tongue)
I think another problem in the US is that people don't keep control of their dogs "He is friendly!" I can't tell you how many times I have yelled at a dog that is running up to me, off leash, with a clueless owner not worried at all about their "friendly" dog.

Also, people seem to want to get into a dog's space and not respect that the dog might not be fine with that. I was at an agility trial and was complimenting someone on their pretty BC (while a friend was holding the dog) and the friend said, "You can pet him, he is friendly!" The dog gave me a low growl and a look that clearly said, "PLEASE! Leave me alone!" The friend kept encouraging me to pet the pup but I told him, "I think he is a bit stressed" and I stepped back.
Totally agree with you, I am a Brit that has lived in mainland Europe and now in Canada.
It drives me insane. How out of control dogs are allowed to be here
It is a total lack of respect for other people and other dogs by these owners.
My dogs do not need to say hi to every dog and every person! Or have others forced on them.
I believe it is a warped understanding of socialization, and a cop out for training and taking responsibility.
Don't get me started about dog parks, lol.

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