Rescue Saylor !
        Hello ! I have rescued this sweet border collie named Saylor! She was picked up by animal control and not even given a chance to find someone to adopt her. She was put in line to be euthanized, likely due to all of her health conditions. This sweet girl's appearance makes it very clear that she is in need of medical attention. I pulled her from the shelter the day she was scheduled for euthanasia & brought her to the vets office to learn that she has a SEVERE skin infection, followed by SEVERE ear infections, heavy parasitic infection and to top it all off, advanced heartworm disease. She is getting three antibiotics daily, along with medicated baths every other day. She also will need to begin heartworm treatment in the next three weeks. I have a rescue in line to take her, but I would like to have her treated and in good health before we make the 7 hour drive to her foster home! Of course her medical bills are not going to be cheap & I have created a GoFundMe account in hopes that we can get donations from the border collie community to help give her a second chance at a life she absolutely deserves! I, along with Saylor, would GREATLY appreciate if anyone could donate or share her story with others so we can get this girl healthy enough for travel!

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I moved this thread to the Rescue forum, since it is not your dog and there were no pictures Tongue I'm not sure the forum rules on posting GoFundMe links, especially right off the bat, but I will defer for now. I hope you find the help and resources you are looking for.
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Thank you ! & I have added two picture of her as well !
I understand and appreciate your intentions but I personally don't think gofundme links from individuals are appropriate in a forum such as this. I think ABC offers what it can by providing a Rescue forum which has recently proven to be of help.
These things always make me feel so bad because want as I may I cannot help all doggo's in the world but give when/if I can to my chosen working dog rescue.
I shared the GoFundMe link to facebook. I encourage other members to do the same. 

With that said it is the policy of the forum not to allow the link to the GoFundMe page.

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Ear and skin infections mean food sensitivities, so she needs to be on a Limited Ingredient Diet, novel protein, novel carb. Good luck! My red and white BC has multiple food sensitivities and has been on an elimination diet for nearly his whole 5 years. I finally had to settle for a completely homemade diet or Macanna Pre-mix by Grandma Lucy's with a protein added.
Gotta love 'em.

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