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I would like to start with, I am pretty familiar with dog training. I have grown up ALWAYS with a dog. Though, I was taught what I would think, the wrong way to teach dogs. I have changed my methods entirely. No more dominant training, making the puppy listen out of fear. I grew up with a grandpa, and a very well behaved boxer dog. Though, that dog listened out of fear. I never liked seeing her get "punished". I was never okay with it. I also never went to those extreme measures to try to get a dog to listen. But, I was fooled into thinking dominance was needed in dog training. 
I completely understand this is so very wrong now. Mainly because every time I took advice from someone who told me.. "You have to flip them over and hold them till they don't struggle" .."snatch them up by their scruff" .."pop them on the nose.." ..it felt cruel.. cause it is cruel. They don't understand those things, and can even be taken as play some of it. Then it just hurts their feelings.. and confuses them. That is not fair. I tried out this advice for a very short time when I finally got a dog of my own as a kid. ..I couldn't do it. 
But, then I was left with no training methods at all. No one to teach me how to raise a dog. It was just.. "Your 6, here is a puppy." So needless to say, the dog grew up to be what most people would consider "horrible". Me being only a child, I had no idea how to correct the behaviors.. I only fed into the bad ones. Like, jumping up.. roaming loose, without a leash (running through the neighborhood, wrecking havoc..), pulling on leash, chewing on EVERYTHING, basically just a untrained dog. That learned human food was good, trash was tasty, roaming was fun, everything is a toy, and the humans got mad at me some times.. but, they also love me.. so everything is okay. 
5 dogs later... including my 3 I currently own. I have training pretty figured out. Kinda. I worked in dog boarding and grooming for about 2 years. The only reason I am no longer doing this, is because I moved away from the job. I loved it so much! I learned so much too! I learned about all kinds of different breeds, personalities, their wants, needs, and emotions. It was a amazing learning experience. It has made training my 2 older dogs a thousand times better and easier. 
Gypsy is a rescue. Also my first dog I got after a long period of not getting a dog. Since, I had some bad luck in the past with 2 other dogs. One being my first childhood dog. Another being a Lab/Husky mix that was stolen from out of my yard. (I know this because she was a really good girl, and never left the yard.. or ever dreamed of it. She was in a fence, that she never even thought of getting out of. She had ability to come inside and out, I never left gates open. Because, I never go through them. The gate was open when I got home.. and there was no way anyone I knew came through there.) but, either way, Gypsy being a rescue, has come with some behavior issues. She has real bad separation anxiety. Like.. REAL BAD. Worse than I ever seen before in a dog. She has full blown panic attacks if we are not with her at all times. Though, she has gotten better in some ways. She will stay happily in the car, knowing we will be back (Air on w/water and tunes.. car locked, we have extra key to get back in.) ..we have tried just about everything but drugs from a vet. Her separation anxiety wouldn't be horrible if she did not have a socialization issue as well. She is such a sweet, well trained, perfect girl.. accept for her separation anxiety, and barking at people/children/other dogs. Also, she acts fine for about less than a minute.. going up to them, wagging tail, calm.. then BARK BARK BARK. She will even bark at us if we put a hat on, till she figures out it is us.  People think she will bite, it scares them... but, she just barks at them. Never snapping. She loves people when she gets to know them. Only takes 20min or less, and she is your best friend. Anyone have socialization advice for us? Or.. have a way to combat a dog that gets too stressed to care about a kong toy filled with heavenly treats..?
Lola we got as a puppy. She was for guarding our chickens. But, we ended up moving, giving the chickens away to a good home, and now she is our big cuddly inside dog. haha.. she is happy with the decision too. She gets to sleep in bed with momma, daddy, and sister. (We have a king size bed for a reason... to sleep with our babies in one big happy dog pile. haha) She is a extremely well trained, awesome dog. The only thing with her is food aggression towards our cats. Any time a cat even looks at her while she eats.. its BARK BARK BARK GROWL. I feed her every day, about same time.. 3 times a day. I also feed her 1 cup more than suggested because she is active, eats it right up, and is not over weight. She eats fine with dogs, but not the cats. Also, she is not liking when our new pup Jinora shows interest either, giving her a GROWL. She has not snapped or barked at her yet though. I also since seeing this, don't let Jinora go anywhere near during feeding time. Any suggestions getting her okay with other animals being around her eating? She is fine with humans and Gypsy. Also, so far, Lola has been really good with other new dogs coming around. But, her hair stands up, she becomes alert for about a minute.. then calms down. At this point, she just ignores the other dog mostly. Some she actually wanted to play with. Any suggestions for keeping meeting positive, as well as, making them easier for her each time, till she enjoys meeting new dogs?
Finally, there is Jinora, our new pup. She has been perfect but, I was not happy with the breeder. I got this pup with a ear infection, a UTI, and a inverted vulva. Now.. I know, I know.. I should have checked for these things, then not purchased the pup. But, I just couldn't do that to this pup. She is such a sweet heart. Perfect in my eyes. So gentle, kind, and heck.. all puppies are this way for me haha! I love ALL dogs! I refuse to believe any puppy is not a good one. Some just need more TLC than others. Well, I fell in love with her, and could not let her suffer with infections no more. I paid for her, took her to the vet, and since, have been taking care of these things. She currently is over the ear infection, and we are just now working on the UTI. This is where I have a few questions, and got a little upset. I knew this puppy had a UTI from day 1 of picking her up. She peed and peed and peed and nothing.. tried and tried.. would squat for a lot longer than normal. It was obviously a UTI. I take her to vet for ear infection, and UTI. The vet gives me something for the ear infection, and a cup. I was a little confused for why I needed this cup. She asked me to get a pee sample. 1)I have never been asked to do this, my vets have always got all samples they needed right then and there or told me to come back at a certain point so they could try again to get a sample. 2) I was confused as to why I needed a sample when she obviously had a UTI. So, instead of arguing this. I got the pee sample myself, two days later, they call to tell me she has a raging UTI, with blood and everything. This is where I get upset... my baby has a UTI, we all know it, but you wanted to take my money and waist time? Cause here is the kicker... they didn't even culture it! So, they have no idea exactly what it is. Charged me $60 to make a visual assessment. Then another $50 for medication, that might not work, because they don't know what exactly it is without the culture. Apparently to have her urine cultured, it would have been "expensive" haha! Like a $60 pointless assessment is not "expensive"? There is no other vets around who probably have better prices. But, I don't like that they made her wait so long, and made me do a pointless test. I don't want to be rude, but should I point this out to them? Maybe its law, they must test before treatment. Does anyone know if California has laws like this? The vets seem so nice, and I like the people. They are not rude. But, I really feel like this test was unnecessary, and only for the profits. Meanwhile, my baby is in pain. That tears me up. Besides those few things she came with, and my upsetting encounter with a new vet, she has been great. Playful, happy, sweet heart. The only thing I worry about is this UTI, making her have to go frequently. I have never used puppy pads/grass spots with success. Puppies always just chewed them up after going through all the food filled toys, and never using it for pee. I realize now, it takes teaching them to potty on command first to really get this to work. Well, I now have Jinora able to potty right when I say potty on command. I do not have a potty pad spot yet, but I know she will rip through paper, she has proven herself to fancy shredding paper. So, does anyone have advice about keeping a puppy from chewing a grass potty spot? Or should I not worry about it? I have never used them before. I just take the puppy out every hour on the hour. It seems to work fine. But, with Jinora having a UTI, she pees, or tries, every 20min. Hopefully symptoms go away after 48hours of being on this antibiotics. Do you think she will think its okay to potty in her play pen now? Or she will go back to holding it? I noticed her trying to hold it the first night. Maybe the infection was not as bad a week earlier, so she could hold it? I think she rather hold it, she has even peed in her sleep a couple times. So, I want to believe its all just accident and caused by infection. But, she seems to not even try to hold it anymore, rather just alleviate any pain or discomfort as quick as possible. I feel so bad for her. But, as of today, the vets have given us something for it. So, fingers crossed.
Now beyond all of this, here is my biggest struggle.. socialization. I do not have a 100 friends with 100 dogs of all kinds of variety to show my puppy. This would require me to take puppy out, and meet people. BUT, puppy is a couple days younger than 10weeks, not complete on vaccinations. So, going anywhere is a possible threat?! How can one possibly socialize a dog BEYOND once a week dog socialization classes. They just don't seem to be enough. Now.. I grew up on a farm, never once did we worry too much about all these vaccinations and such. Use to, take 6 week old, just vaccinated pup to the park, or feed store, stand around... and let people pet your pup. This was the easiest way to socialize the dog with people, other dogs, noises, smells and everything they needed to learn. Are people being over protective? ..or should just wait till 16weeks, instead of at 6weeks? Will this not make socialization more difficult?
I want her to have any and every training class both me and her need, as well as I want to be doing the right things at home with her too. She knows her name, come, sit, down, stay, crate, no, good, leave it, potty, and is pretty good with loose leash walking till she gets "puppy crazy" haha. To be expected though. As well as her not being a perfect listener, with the perfect attention. Still a puppy, so we will learn! Love to hear everyone's thoughts and advice, thank you all for listening! 
Good on you for taking this little girl on in spite of her issues. I mean the pup is on the ground anyway so is going somewhere and it sounds like she has gone to the right home. She needed you and you stepped up for her.
I can't advise on UTI's as I have absolutely no experience with them. I am however imagining that for a pup to suffer this they may have had insufficient fluid available to them which would be possible from the way you describe the breeder. Sounds like it has been a tough journey so far but put it behind you now. She is finally on treatment and if canine UTI's are similar to human ones, a broad spectrum antibiotic should do the trick even without specific pathology. Fingers crossed !
With socialisation there are many different views and I think it also depends on the particular area you live in. In Australia is does seem to be largely a socioeconomic thing. The shire north of me is rife with distemper and parvo as is the shire south of me. The common factor is that they are low income areas generally speaking, so people tend to skimp on adequate preventative measures. There is also different attitudes to dog ownership i.e.: owning dogs is an entitlement rather than a privilege.
Where I live these diseases are not overly common but having said that I still don't take risks. I have seen dogs die from both illnesses in my lifetime and don't want to see it again. Caution does not have to delay socialisation at all really as socialisation is not just about meeting other dogs and humans but instead about introducing them to all the sights, sounds and things they might come across in life.
You can take pup to parks, or streets where cars, buses bikes etc pass by and just sit on a bench with pup on your knee and let her experience these things. offering little treats so she learns to associate these experiences with feel good things.
I take my pups to an open air market where there are lots of people, music, sights and smells and I just carry them. I avoid overly engaging with people but instead just keep walking because I don't want them to associate the big "aww puppy" fuss every time they meet someone. I have educated quite a few friends in respect to not arriving at my home and launching into the, "aww puppy, puppy fuss and excitement.
I start early and regularly with the noise and movement of vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, brush cutters etc. I drop pot lids and such on tiled floors to help prepare them for sudden loud noises. My dogs are awesome with thunder storms and I think this has been what helped.
Put on hats, put up umbrella's, put big items she has never seen where there was previously nothing. My older boy was very sensitive to new things and once fussed over a pair of boots left in front of a glass door where normally they weren't there. Be creative, it's only limited by your imagination. I have found BC's to be very sensitive to the little things so the more experiences you can offer, the better. I can't stress enough that socialisation is not just about other humans and dogs.

I hope your girl is feeling better really soon.
They should have attempted to get a sample before asking you to collect it, but some dogs are too shy to let a stranger get around behind them or bend over them. They definitely should have looked at the sample under a microscope before giving antibiotics, and they try the antibiotics that work most commonly (UTIs are usually the same bacteria, E. coli) on UTIs before culturing, which is a LOT more than $60.
Gotta love 'em.
Lots of questions, hope I don't get your dogs mixed up!

Gypsy:  Since she is afraid of new people have anyone new ignore her.   Anytime you meet a new person (at home or out) tell them that she is afraid of new people and ask them to ignore her.  This has worked really well for Mattie.  Mattie was terrified of anyone new when I first adopted her but since I adopted the 'ignore' policy she has learned that new people are not so scary.  Mattie will now seek out the attention of strangers that ignore her.  With her not liking you wearing hats I would take a hat (or umbrella, whatever scares her) and put it on the floor and when she comes near praise and treat.  Use really high value treats.  My collies like chicken, string cheese cut into pieces, and hot dog.  I try to limit hot dog since it isn't healthy. The idea is to make the scary thing really wonderful.  Put the hat on the floor, on your lap, near your head, on your head.  If she ever seems scared go back one step and watch her carefully to never overwhelm her.

Lola:  I don't have a lot of experience with resource guarding.  I'll see if I can find a good article on it.  The best thing you can do until you can work to fix the problem is to avoid the problem.  Don't let Lola practice bad behavior since it is self rewarding.

Jinora:  Tasha had a UTI as a puppy but not nearly as bad as your sweet pup.  Now that Jinora is on medication, hopefully, she will be feeling much better.  Just be patient.  It took me a little longer to get Tasha housebroke since I think having the UTI made it difficult to understand when she needed to go.  Just be patient and have lots of paper towels and enzyme spray ready.  If she starts to go in the house scoop her up, say 'Outside!' and run her out the door (and prepare to have your jeans a bit wet... life with a puppy Smile ).    It will work out.  Tasha had lots of accidents in the house but once she was trained is 100% reliable.
My older girl Zoe had UTI's at the rate of 2 or 3 a year for about 3 years. You could see the struvite crystals in her urine. The vet wanted to put her on a "special" diet that I balked at. I did some research and found that apple cider vinegar works for a lots of dogs who have UTI's. 
I didn't have anything to loose so we gave it a go. That was 3 years ago and she hasn't had another since we started using apple cider vinegar. 

Her crystal count went from being so high it was off the charts, to almost zero in a week. Besides helping with UTI's, apple cider vinegar has many other very good health benefits for her as well.

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I'll second the apple cider vinegar recommendation. Just add a teaspoon to a quarter or half cup of water and mix it in the food. Raw ACV with the mother, like Bragg's is best.
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For Zoe I put a capful in her bowl and stir in a heaping tablespoon of Dannon All Nature yogurt. Then add her food. She has never not eaten because of it. 

You can find a short list of the benefits of adding acv to your dogs diet here. 


One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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