Fate is not always what you expect
So, I had decided to let fate determine my new pup and when.  Really wanting a pup again it's been over 14yrs, my May.  The other dogs since were all adult dogs.
But fate has served me well.

I was heading out to a local sheepdog trial this weekend, great I will ask about some pups.

However Friday I went into vacuum the training area, which is in the building of my friends, daycare, boarding and grooming.   She is the one who breeds Australian Shepherds, she also breeds Lowchens.
4 years ago I puppy sat a litter of 6wk old lowchens.  I really like the male he was a fun pup.
Well fate would have it after 4yrs he has been returned to her because the owner is sick.   He is not settled in well, she has a lot of dogs, he stays at boarding often. 
So I took him upstairs with me when I cleaned,  he is under weight, I asked about this and found out they are having problems keeping weight on him, stress, he was staying at the Kennel for the weekend.
So on a spur of the moment thing. I said I would take him for the weekend.
He is a very sweet, respectful, loving boy that gets on with all residents pets.

So he is now mine, just need to get him neutered.
He weighs about 10lb,  I have never owned anything smaller than a Border Collie.
So little Flynn, I am excited to see where are journey goes.  What will you like to do

He's such a cutie! Glad he's in a stable environment now.
He is doing well, sleeping on his back, rolling in the yard, so feeling more relaxed.
I have seen no pacing which was what he was doing with my friend, hence difficulty keeping weight on.
Oh my goodness he is adorable! I didn't realize you took him home. He is so cute! What are you going to try first?
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Scent Detection, lol
He has basic obedience, so going to introduce perch work and platforms, will try agility basics
I will see what he likes. Oh got to do tricks.
He is adorable, good on you for giving him such an awesome home. With his previous owner being sick he may have been stressed for a while, I am sure he will thrive in your care. Sounds like he has quickly recognised all the doggy love in your home, he's a lucky boy. Congratulations !
Trifan such a different dog for me
Small, non herding, but it is going to be fun journey
Aww, he is sooooo cute. I'm sure you know some of those small dogs can have big personalilties. He may have the heart of a Border Collie.   Big Grin

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Awesome!! I find it to be kind of interesting to have one dog so different from the rest. Keeps me thinking when it comes to recognizing motives in dog behavior, not to mention the training differences.
Gotta love 'em.
Goodness, he is cute! I find it interesting the number of people I meet that have working dogs and then have a cute little companion dog. Looking forward to hearing about his adventures.

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