Strange spots / rash on nose
Hi guys / girls

Poppy (4yr old female) has a weird rash on her nose - it's been there about a week now and comes and goes, sometimes it's quite bad (as seen in the pic below) and is on her nose and under her chin and sometimes you can hardly see it at all.
At first I thought allergy but we haven't changed her diet (she's RAW fed) and hasn't been anywhere different or in contact with anything I would consider strange?

I'm going to book her into the vets and take the pics with me but I was just wondering if anyone has seen anything like it before?

[Image: pops-rash.JPG]
Rash's can be difficult to determine the cause. It could be something as simple as a new grass or weed has popped up and her system doesn't like it anymore. 

With my dogs it has usually been an environmental something that causes it. Does it seem to itch?

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[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

I am thinking along the same lines as OB, particularly because of where it is around the muzzle and chin. There can be seasonal changes to flora that might escape our attention. We get Rye Grass in winter, you would hardly notice it in a mowed lawn but it is there and can cause allergies. Same happens in summer and I am not sure exactly what it is bit there are a few months where my boys will get spotty tummies from laying on the grass. It can also simply be pollens that blow in from elsewhere and settle on the ground.
I am a hay fever type of person and regularly wake up with symptoms and think, "what the hell is blowing on the wind today. It can be something from miles away but the breeze has changed direction and suddenly I am reacting.
I would get it checked out, could be fungal.
Not that is bad just needs meds and you could possibly get it
Thanks for the replies - If you Google spots or rash on a dog's nose you get everything from grass allergies to cancer Sad

She doesn't seem overly bothered by them - when they are at their worst she is very quiet / lethargic but most of the time she is her bonkers / daft self...

She's also licking herself more than usual - something at her "back end" is driving her mad so I'm getting her into the vets, someone suggested a yeast infection but she doesn't smell - I thought yeast infections were smelly?
Anyway thanks again for taking the time to look - most appreciated Smile Smile Smile
Yeast infections smell musty, like rancid grease, or like Fritos, if they go on for a while, but not when caught early, but I think this looks like follicular dermatitis, which may be a staph infection. They can be a reaction to having food particles on the skin, food sensitivities, or even rubbing on the carpeting. It's a good idea to have the vet look at it, because it may need antibiotics.
Gotta love 'em.

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