Solar Eclipse
Some stores are selling cardboard glasses (they look like 3D glasses) and are only $1.99.
I would be afraid to get one and have it be a fake though...
These were for sale at a major grocery store chain. To be safe I would still do some research but this wasn't the type of store to sell fakes.
We are probably doing a mirror projection or pinpoint projection, simply because all it would take is a faulty pair of glasses. Unlikely, but why risk it. I may anyway but I like the idea of trying the mirror projection.
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I've heard people say that the mirror projection isn't as spectacular. I don't know. Shrug Maybe there are tests you can do to make sure the glasses are safe?
I have been hearing on the news and radio that all the acceptable glasses for viewing the eclipse with come with a warning written on the inside. Ones without are fakes. 
BUT, why can't the fakes have the warning written on them too? 

We are using the pinpoint projector to be safe. Too much "fake stuff" going around these days.  Undecided

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That's very interesting with the labels, who would have though? It's so annoying that people make fake things and potentially permanently harm someone who doesn't know any better just for a few bucks.

So I just looked it up now and they said you shouldn't be able to see anything through the solar glasses except things comparably bright. So if you were to look at a light bulb you should be able to see the filament but it should be rather dim. They said you should also be able to see the sun's reflection off of shiny metals. Also if you glance at the sun with them the brightness shouldn't be uncomfortable and the image should be clear with no haziness around it. They also have a list of suppliers that sell the real ones.
Everyone ready for the big day tomorrow? I had my son find the welding helmet. We won't get the full eclipse but it should still be fun to watch.

I read on the internet that people were being advised to keep their pets inside during the eclipse and though it was because pets could be frightened by the sun going out. I guess there is a worry that pets will look up at the sun and damage their vision. Is that a thing? I just can't imagine any of my pets being interested in looking up at the sun.

I was a kid with only an Instamatic camera when I witnessed my full eclipse and never thought to take photos. Taking photos of the sun isn't advised but if you can take photos of the same spot in the yard you may get some great photos.

Please post after the event.
It's totally foolishness. Animals may notice that it is dark when it should be light, but they don't know that the light comes from a giant burning gas ball in the sky, so they won't even think of looking up at it.
Gotta love 'em.
I have yet to make my pin hole projector. I'll have to make it in the morning. Not sure about the whole animal being afraid thing. I think even with the partial eclipse here the sun will be to bring for any creature to want to look at it. I was actually thinking of taking a pic with my phone. I've taken pictures of the sun before always making sure to not up or if I do have the phone's shadow in my eyes so I can't see the sun. Safety is obviously top priority but I'll definitely share if I do take any. (Most likely won't be good quality though)

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