Solar Eclipse
(08-21-2017, 11:43 AM)Ember Wrote: It's raining here in Charleston. Because of that, the dogs (yes, plural, I have Kairo for a week) are at my apartment. I'm both bummed and relieved that I don't have to manage them.

ETA we must have gotten the good glasses. My brother, his wife, and her sister are out playing "Eclipse Glasses Marco Polo" using the glasses as a blindfold LOL

That is so funny!  They should get an award for best use of unused eclipse glasses. Tongue

My mom was a little disappointed this morning.  She forgot to get glasses to watch the eclipse but decided it didn't matter since she had a dentist appointment and was going to miss out.  When she got to the dentist office they handed her a pair of eclipse glasses and everyone went out to watch.  She was really happy to have a group of people to share the event.
Today was a big disappointment! First, the weather didn't cooperate for the eclipse so I didn't have any need for the welding helmet and I didn't get to take any photos. I was really hoping to get some good photos of shadows and had my camera ready. Then in the afternoon we went to agility and Tasha was so excited! We haven't been to class in a month and I guess she overdid it because she tore the skin off three of her pads. We are both a little cranky this evening.


Aww that's too bad TMM. Sorry you missed out on the eclipse. Hope Tasha's paws feel better soon!

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