I came home from vacation to this....
I like the faces they're making. I find it so annoying when people let their animals roam free. I feel bad though because I never leave Kep outside unattended but sometimes I get caught up in some yard work and will not pay as much attention to him. When I do go and check on him he's usually somewhere nearby just lying around or sniffing something but a few times I've found him in the neighbor's property. T1818 I definitely don't want to repeat any of that so I'm making sure to be more careful.
LB, I think we have all done that. Get distracted and find that our dog has followed his nose and is too far away.

I have a neighbor that pays my daughter to check on their cat when they are away. The kitty has a nice, fenced yard and a cat flap on the door to the garage. They have a swimming pool and allow us to use it when they are away. My daughter checks on the kitty at least once a day and one evening we went over to swim and I told her to go check the food and water in the garage. My daughter said it wasn't necessary since she had looked in on the cat in the morning but I told her we were there anyway and might as well check. The cat was completely out of food. There is no way he could have consumed all the food in a day so my guess was that the stray cats in our neighborhood were also eating his food. So I think Gideon's Mom was correct that the kittens didn't have any food and discovered friendly people to stay with and plenty of food and water.
I have a friend that had a raccoon come n her house through the cat door while she was sleeping and eat all the cat food several nights in a row before they realize why the food was disappearing. And we had one of our cats get out and go missing and we put food on the front porch for her, but we attracted a mother fox instead, all the way up to the door. I heard something eating the food one evening and went to the door and confronted the fox. Scared the pee out of me. We found our kitty hiding in the woods the next day after being gone for a week. We figured she was too afraid to come to the door since the fox had gone there more than once and foxes eat cats.
Gotta love 'em.
I had a neighbor and her cat jumped on the table and tried to eat the chicken they were having for dinner. The cat also jumped on the counters in the kitchen and tried to steal food. This was an older cat and she had never done anything like this before. The neighbors discovered an opossum had been living in their garage and was eating all the cat's food. They got animal control to relocate the opossum and didn't have issues with the cat after that.

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