White Mountains
Sorry everyone that I wasn't around last week. I was on vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my family. And just as a bit of a warning now, this post is pic heavy.

We didn't do too much in terms of hiking but definitely a lot of driving and sightseeing.

We found a trail that ran by a clear river that eventually led to the Appalachian Trail. We didn't stay on that for very long.
[Image: 20170813_171457_zpshs1bfbuu.jpg]
[Image: 20170813_171835_zpsc2ygs6wz.jpg]

We spent a lot of time at Mt. Washington. The first time we went it was too late to climb to the top so we just went half way. On the way up we saw a waterfall (hey GM, it's vacation! Big Grin). There was also a neat little cabin but you can't even see the top from there.
[Image: 20170814_133641_zps6fqlrrog.jpg]
[Image: 20170814_150455_zpssjbedu5g.jpg]
(What you see in this next pic is not the top of Mount Washington)
[Image: 20170814_150705_zpsw2azdljv.jpg]
[Image: 20170814_154313_zpsjdl2stwq.jpg]

We went on a road that had a lot of stops for sightseeing.
[Image: 20170815_124039_zps0empcxpa.jpg]
[Image: 20170815_144713_zpsbf9bhrpo.jpg]

On a different day we actually did climb to the top of Mt Washington.
[Image: 20170816_113845_zpsejnzxuga.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_114302_zpssq4yph7g.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_114708_zpsuwsuxl7a.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_115031_zpsue0tqrzu.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_120024_zps936iko1b.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_130610_zpsw3hgup7p.jpg]
Yes we are higher up than some of these clouds.
[Image: 20170816_130740_001_zpszflrcxlr.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_131749_zps7y6b3n63.jpg]
I didn't even realize he was making this face until after I reviewed my pics.
[Image: 2017-08-17%2016.51.27_zpsyclxiqrr.jpg]
View from the top
[Image: 20170816_142930_zpsbkbbfii4.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_151928_zpsff1f5cum.jpg]
[Image: 20170816_151946_zpsjlgzjrrb.jpg]

The last day there we went to a candy store that apparently has the longest candy counter in the world. I didn't get any pics of that but they had signs that I thought some of you here might appreciate.
[Image: 20170818_152441_zpszjlaouez.jpg]

It's nice to be back home now but sad that vacation is over. Anyways, I'm back here until next vacation! Big Grin
Your vacation photos are amazing. Although we haven't been there that is the kind of vacations we take with the dogs. 

The first picture should be framed. That place looks awesome.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

It is indeed a really nice place. IMAO it's national park quality but because it's not actually a national park (it's a national forest) it's not as crowded. There are still quite a few people everywhere but it's nothing compared to Acadia.

And my goodness was the water in the rivers there clear! It must be from the mountains and running off of rocks so there's no chance of dirt mixing in with it. Here the rivers are clean but they all look dirty from all the dirt that gets washed up in them.
NICE!!! I haven't been there yet, but it's going on my list.
Gotta love 'em.
I noticed you hadn't posted. I'm glad it was for a dog friendly vacation. Beautiful photos! I love the one of Kep making a face. It is like he is saying, "Excuse me! Haven't you taken enough photos!" My kids have given me that face before.
Of course it was dog friendly! Big Grin I probably wouldn't have gone if it wasn't. Wink I wouldn't be able to stand being away from Kep for that long. LOL

Definitely a beautiful place. And maybe TMM, he certainly wasn't pleased that I kept asking him to look at the camera! And I'm sure the wind didn't help either. Tongue
I often see that people take fancy vacations and I think, "Can I take my dogs?"  If the dogs aren't welcome then it isn't a vacation.  It is one of the reasons my vacations are to visit family.  The pups are always welcome.  Smile
I have so many family members with different allergies that I'm now used to traveling without the dogs, but I leave some of the family at home, so the dogs are home with the family they are used to. Besides, my husband and my current dogs don't even like to travel.
Gotta love 'em.
I had to Google White Mountains to see where that is.  I lived in Michigan for a couple of years but that is the furthest East I have ever lived.  I did visit Niagara Falls once but it was on the Canadian side.  I would love to take a road trip to visit a bunch of state but that dream includes Tasha and Mattie.  I don't know if my husband would go for that, he loves the collies but I don't know if he would enjoy to a road trip with them.  I may have to ask my mom.  She loves the 'grandpups' and I know she has always enjoyed going on a road trip.
Haha! Funny thing, the furthest west I've ever been is Michigan (port Huron)! I would love to go on a road trip across the country with Kep. I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to do so.

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