My owners are worried
I will be neutered (complete hysterectomy) next month when I am 6 months old. My owners have 2 worries and would really appreciate some advice:

1. The morning of the procedure, I can have nothing to eat or drink. My routine is that I get up at 6:30 a.m. (I get very upset if it is much later), I am let out to pee, I have breakfast at 6:45 a.m. on the dot, and a big drink of water after, then I go out to poop. The rest of the early morning is not too hectic - some tug, resting, lizard hunting, that's about it (too much dew in Florida summer morning to go outside that early - fun outdoors is at 9:30 a.m.). The worry is that I will be very upset not getting breakfast (I always wolf [ha!] down meals) or even a drink. I am to go to the vet at 8 a.m., I'll be starving, what can be done to calm me for an hour and a half???

2. I LOVE going to the vet. Everyone loves me and pets me and ... nothing prepares me for what will happen. The worry is not so much the procedure itself, it's that afterwards I will be very mad at my owners for subjecting me to this (I went to day care once and was mad at them for the rest of that day). I think we will not be able to do the kind of active outdoor play that I love, so any thoughts on how to help me get back to loving my owners?

Thank you,
Hey Sunny! I think it sounds like you and your owners need to take a deep breath and have a calm moment with each other. Tell them not to stress it too much because I'm sure you can tell when they're upset and get a little upset yourself. The missing meal won't be that bad. When you get back I think you'll be too tired and thankful to see them again to be mad at them. A great game you can play while waiting to get better is toy naming. Just ask your owners to teach you the names of your toys. It can be very mentally challenging so It'll take your mind off all the fun of outside. Smile

The big thing though is to make sure not to worry too much. You'll be working yourself and owners up too much and that's not good when going into this. It will be over soon. Smile
Hi Sunny!!

Ask your pawrents to buy a new toy to play with while they wait to take you to the vets. Something new and exciting might help you forget your empty belly!!

You will be over the moon to see them when you come home and maybe a little too sleepy to be angry at them. I prescribe an evening of cuddles and kisses on the sofa (if you are allowed on the squishy goodness)!

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Young Jasper has had 2 lots of surgery in the last month and I also was concerned about how he would handle missing breakfast, particularly because Max would be getting breakfast. We rise at 4am and breakfast is early. Both times we had to wait until 8.30am and 9.30am. It was really far less trouble than I anticipated, let Max out first on his own and took him to my studio to eat, Jasper didn't even know he missed it. A few little game sessions and any thought of breakfast seemed forgotten.
Dogs don't hold grudges, they are so much more evolved than humans in that way LOL. There is nothing as good as seeing your family when you have been separated so Sunny will be fine.
I was concerned that Jasper might be a little shy of walking into the vet considering that the last two times have resulted in being left there and picked up later feeling very sore and sorry but yesterday when I took him to get stitches out he couldn't get in to see the vet quick enough.

LB is soooo right. These smart little cookies will absolutely feel any stress their family is putting out so have fun, work on a new trick or game, all will be well.
Our pup Rambo didn't notice the no food and still likes the vet. On the other hand our pup Freya is not a big vet fan after one surgery.
It is stressful to have a pup have surgery.

A change in routine will be OK.  Stay calm and Sunny will stay calm.  Play a game, go for a walk.  Do something fun to keep her mind off breakfast.

Sunny won't be mad at you.  She will be so happy to be home with you.

Active play will be out for a while.  If Sunny is crate trained this will be easier.  She can chew on some great toy or enjoy a Kong quietly in her crate.  When Tasha had her surgery I would put a child's t-shirt on her held in place with a hair band to protect her incision and we would go on lots of slow quiet walks to places with lots of interesting things to smell.  Dogs see their world through their noses and love to sniff.  It kept Tasha busy and made her tired without her doing anything that might injure her.

Sunny will be fine.  I think this is more traumatizing for the owner then the pup.  Feel free to ask more questions, lots of us have been through this and are happy to offer help.

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