Our Addisons journey so far (long post warning!)
Hi Everyone,

So after I reintroduced myself after years away from the forum I thought I'd catch up on the missed years.

Fergus is now 7. Lively as ever. Just before his third birthday and around the time I left the forum he suddenly became very sick, within a week he lost almost 5kg, stopped eating/drinking, became very lethargic , his balance was off and he just became a skeleton that was only interested in being surgically attached to my hip. The vets initially spotted an ear infection and then a couple of days later questioned concussion as his head appeared swollen on top. At day 5 the vet met us in the car park and watched him struggle out of the car. It was then she thought of Addisons due to the weakness in his back legs. He has a lytes test and the next morning was rushed to the vets to be put on an IV. His test came back positive for Addisons and he was put on the appropriate meds and sent straight home.

Addisons in short is when the bodies immune system attacks the adrenal gland, this in Fergus is nearly if not non existent now. As the adrenal gland deals with the control of stress hormones even though Fergus was potentially hours off of cardiac arrest the best place to increase his chance of recovery was to be at home as stress free as possible.

In a backwards way Fergus is incredibly lucky. Many dogs die before being diagnosed as it presents with the same symptoms as kidney failure and mistreatment obviously doesn't help. Our vets clinic at the time had only had one previous dog on their books and he died five years previously. Fergus is here only thanks to the quick thinking of his vet.

It took 18 months to stabilise his blood levels, it was the day he charged out of aome trees and leapt over the back of a bench we realised he was not only better but actually feeling better than ever. Since then the drug he was previously on was unlicensed for dog use and he has been transferred onto a monthly injection instead of a daily tablet. This in itself has taken a year to stablise but thankfully its just been getting the correct dosage rather than making him stable.

We currently have the healthiest dog we have ever had but because of this disease he currently is living it up at my parents small holding with his own sheep, ducks and pigs to keep in order. My London flat would make him miserable and in turn make him sick. While i miss him terribly i think he would thank me if he could. I visit as often as I can and he instantly becomes my shadow as he was before.

Any one else had experience of this disease? Its been a journey but all being well his lifespan will not be affected and with the correct meds and a keen eye for the medical signs of stress his life is no different to your normal collie.

It's good to be back. Sorry its such a long post! I've added a picture from our walk this lunchtime.

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- Morwenna and Fergus Big Grin

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Aww he's a handsome and happy boy. A friend of mine has a poodle with Addisons. He was an adopted dog who when found in a shelter had already lost one eye in his short life. When diagnosed they were told that stress may have played a part in the onset of the disease, he had not had an easy time of things and when my friends husband saw him sitting sad and shut down in the shelter he immediately said, "he's the one, he needs us". He is also treated with a monthly injection which is quite expensive hence they have only one dog even though they normally would have another. He is doing really well on treatment.
What a journey you have been on, so glad it was diagnosed in time.
Oh wow, what a story! Glad he's as healthy as can be now. Big Grin And he is such a handsome boy!
So happy Fergus is doing well now. 

At the time we don't know why we are going through these things with our dogs. It only becomes apparent when the knowledge we have picked up along the way can help someone else. 

Here's to living the good life Fergus, for many years to come.

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Wow, what a story! I'm glad you had a vet that was on top of things and was able to diagnose Fergus' condition quickly. Sorry he can't live with you but it sounds like collie paradise living with your parents.
I'm glad Fergus is doing so well!
Gotta love 'em.

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