Tasha discovered a fun new agility obstacle...
Tasha calls it,  "Run up as fast as you can and then run down as fast as you can!!"   Frantic  We humans are boring and call it "stairs".

We live in a one level home so in her three years of life Tasha has rarely encountered stairs.  We did stay at a hotel once with no elevator and outdoor, open stairs and because they were open Tasha was really cautious.  While staying with family on vacation Tasha encountered a carpeted staircase for the first time and decided this must be a great new agility obstacle that needed to be taken as fast as possible.  She didn't jump over the steps but went so fast she looked like a hovercraft!  I had to warn everyone to let Tasha go first, I didn't want to have to run anyone to the emergency room. 

So stair training is on our list of things to do once the weather cools a bit.  Our high school has an outdoor staircase of seven steps that we can practice on and we like to visit a state park (we are there so often I buy a pass) with a two level parking lot that is connected by a huge staircase. 

I wish I had taken a video.  Tasha LOVED the stairs and looked so happy racing up and down them.
Oh my! I can just see it!
Gotta love 'em.
That's something you definitely need to continue! It wouldn't do if her new obstacle was never seen again. It's so interesting to see what random and unusual objects they find to turn into their own toys.

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