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When we built our home my husband and I had a major problem with communication and ended up with carpet in the bedrooms and living room (that was the communication issue) and tile everywhere else.  The carpet is in desperate need of being replaced and we don't want to put down carpet again.  I don't want tile in the bedrooms but I need something that is completely pet friendly.  Does anyone have experience with luxury vinyl plank?  My sister works for a company that owns a few hotels and she said they put LVP down in the lobby and it looks really nice.  It seems to be dog proof and waterproof (animals get sick sometimes and I do want another puppy in the future).  I picked up a few samples from Home Depot and they do look nice.  

We actually just replaced our carpet out for laminate flooring in our living room last spring. Just something to note (and I think it would be the same for LVP) the dogs don't get any traction on it. It's as if they're on ice. So if you're girls run around inside a lot they may start slipping more than normal. I guess that's to be expected though if you're switching from carpet. The laminate isn't waterproof but it is water resistant. Basically don't leave liquids on it for hours on end (3+) and you'll be fine. Big Grin If LVP is what I think it is then I think it has a cheeper feel to it than laminate. If you really don't mind that though then I'd say go for whatever you like better. Smile

One thing is for sure though, whatever you do it will beat carpet.  Thumbdown
If I was looking at selling our home  I would do hardwood and slap down lots of area rugs to protect it.   Big Grin  But this is just for us and I really don't care.  I don't want it to look horrible (I have had cheap vinyl in previous houses and that is really bad!) but it doesn't have to be perfect just pretty, easy to clean,  and practical.  I have read that laminate is really slippery and mentioned that to someone at an agility trial and they said not to worry because their dogs were fine on it (I didn't comment that they don't have border collies).   Tongue The way Tasha and Mattie chase each other around the house I think laminate would be a hazard!  Not to mention one of my cats, he often races around the house like it is a racetrack! 

This is such a difficult decision.  If money and dog claws were not in the equation I would have all the tile taken out and everything would be hardwood.  But it needs to stay pretty for years.  I almost want to just go with new carpet because that would be the easiest and the cheapest but I know that isn't the answer.
Yeah, hardwood is nice but it's too easy to destroy and a little too pricey. There's also engineered hardwood. It's a little more durable than normal hardwood and it's prices are between hardwood and laminate. I'm not sure how it holds up to dog paws running on it though. It will scratch if you drag big heave objects on it such as couches or beds. I think it has a much nicer feel to it than laminate though. (We have it in the bedrooms.)
I'm just in the beginning of research.  Our carpet is way past due replacement but I don't want to make a hasty decision.  

This is my favorite sample so far.  It is on top of my desk that is made of the same wood as all the cabinets, doors, and trim in the house. 


And against the tile in the house.


And help from the cat.


And Mattie wondering why I am taking strange photos.


Not the best photos since it is dark now.  This was a sample from Home Depot.  I happened to be there to get something not related to flooring and picked up a few samples.  I'll have to go to a few other stores and see what they have.
Of course! Take your time and pick out what you like best. It won't be any good if you get something and turn out not liking it.

Is it just me or does that piece seem a little thin? Would you have to put underlayment down too?

The cat sure seems to like it! Tongue
Kitty was totally happy! Big Grin  He pushed it onto the floor and then Mattie pushed it around for a while.  I don't know where the sample is now. Tongue

I don't know if it is thin.  I need to go back and get a few hardwood and laminate samples for comparison.
They may be using it for their own house designs. Good idea with getting other samples. The cat and Mattie may need to compare the other samples for themselves too. Tongue
We have hardwood and tile in the upper level of our home. The lower level was only half finished when we bought the house and those areas have carpet. Soon to be changed out. 
Two years ago we finished an area into a bathroom, walk in closet, bedroom and living room and we used laminate flooring in all those spaces. 

Laminate is much more durable than hardwood. IMO laminate is second to tile in toughness. The hardwood does have some marks but the laminate looks new. Our dogs don't chase inside but they do run to the door and the laminate can be slippery but they get used to it. 
Zoe (soon to be 13) isn't bothered by it at all. It can be slippery if you step on it with wet shoes though. 

I did an experiment when we were laying the flooring. I left a small end piece outside all summer and over winter to see how it would stand up to the weather. After a year being outside in all kinds of hot, cold, rain and snow that piece of flooring looked like new. I wish I still had it to show you. 

I put felt pads under the furniture legs to be safe. After two years no scratches. Good luck, I'm sure you will be happy with the change. Will you be laying it yourself?

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When we built 15 years ago, the people that put in the flooring made absolutely no effort to help educate me on flooring. I got the laminate that scratched and the tile that scratched and can't wait for the day I get to replace both. I'm thinking about the tile that looks like hard wood. It's tough as tile and looks like wood, best of both worlds. Unfortunately, it's probably about 5 years from now before I'll get that.
Gotta love 'em.

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