High School suggestions for a career with animals.
My daughter is in the 10th grade and loves animals.  She has worked with Tasha for the last three years and competes in agility.  At the place where we take classes the owner has offered my kid a job as soon as she turns 16.  They have a doggie daycare where they offer training (obedience, agility, and they work with fearful dogs).  My daughter once told me she had an interest in being a vet but after our GSD got suddenly very ill and had to be put down she has said she couldn't handle that.  I think training and research would be great for her.  She is the type of kid that I don't think a PH.D. in zoology would be too much of a stretch. 

So any ideas how I can nurture this?  Online classes, studies, internships, etc.?  We are in Nevada so the west coast would be best but with the internet there are a lot of possibilities.  If some interesting research is being done in another area of the country she could text/email and ask questions.  Any ideas?
I'm not sure of any schools for animal behavior and training but the job sounds like a good start. It sounds like the thing to do would be to let her take the job and go from there. Wait a few months to see how she feels about it. If she enjoys it then get info from the people at the doggy daycare. They may know of some schools in the area and where to go next and such. Opportunities will arise I'm sure. Smile
I wish we had a good zoo here. I should talk to my vet. She likes my kid and may know of some opportunities. I do have a friend that knows a couple of people that work at the Mirage at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden taking care of the lions and tigers. I would love to get in contact with them and ask for a tour. I would just need to let them know that we weren't interested in a "pet the wild animals" tour (in fact the opposite of that, I have always told my kid that wild animals are to be respected) but are interested in how you take care of wild animals in the middle of a huge city.
Definitely look into animal behavior. FDSA also has some good behavior and wellness classes she could take as a starter (obviously specialized, but there is actually a full course of "Dog as Second Language" in the self study session).
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I had thought about FDSA classes but didn't know which classes would work. Thank you for the suggestion!

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