I need a new big bouncy ball!
When it is not too hot and there is some shade, I *LOVE* playing in the yard with my big bouncy ball! My owners throw it or (even better) kick it up in the air and I zoom to it and bounce it up off my nose and chase it all down the yard - lots of fun!!!

My ball is about 14" diameter, nice and BIG. We buy them at the local Dollar General, $4 each, assorted colors ... but, sometimes my tooth catches on the ball and *poof* it deflates. Cry
(part of the reason the ball is so bouncy is that the skin is thin, also it does not hurt my nose at all).

If anyone has a suggestion for a more durable large bouncy ball, not too hard, please let me know. We can keep buying the $4 balls if we have to, but I am so disappointed when the ball breaks while playing. Sad

Do a google search on Jolly Balls. They make a 10" size that is pretty rugged. I have different sized ones and they have lasted years.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

That looks like a lot of fun! Hope you can find a sturdier ball.
How about a balance ball.  If my conversion is correct this one would be 17-18".


Here is one that says virtually indestructible and it comes in 14"

Thank you for the suggestions!
  • The Jolly Ball looks good, but the largest size is 8" and I didn't mention it, but I already have an 8" rubber ball that I can't bite through. It is fun to play with also, but different, because I run and pounce on it then play keep-away holding it between my paws and my head (can't do that with my big bouncy ball Big Grin ).
  • The "Soft Flex Virtually Indestructible Ball Dog Toy" is a good size, but reviews by dog owners note that it is hard as a rock - that would not be fun (my poor nose!). Seems misleading for them to call it "soft flex"  Dodgy .
  • A balance ball is a clever idea - but a search showed none in the size I want - either too big (the ones for children, almost 18") or too small (about 7") or WAY too big (the ones for adult humans) Sad .
Again, thank you all for the ideas - I guess we'll just stick with my big bouncy balls from Dollar General - they're cheap enough we can afford to buy replacements as needed Wink .


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