Walk with Bronwen
I've posted a fair bit in the puppy thread recently but not about my gorgeous Bronwen. I'm feeling rather down at the moment (I shouldn't be as life is pretty good and I know I'm fortunate in that respect, but mild depression doesn't do reason & logic) so made myself take out my girl this morning for a walk despite it being wet & windy.  My OH has been taking the doggy day care duties more than he should be so I owed him a break and realised time with Bron would do us all good.  I'm so glad I did! We were only out about 90mins but we had fun and I also managed to get a photo that's up there with my all time favourite of her:

[Image: 36601465420_8681eaa596.jpg]

Then she started having fun rolling around - until I realised the rolling around fun involved stinky fox poo LOL (harness is black and that's mud not fox poo!) Fortunately the heavy rain seems to have washed the worst of it off though Big Grin

[Image: 36998609115_a4ed7e2cc1.jpg]

And a selfie with Bron in the background with that 'hurry up Mum!' look she gives me a lot Wink

[Image: 36998611445_99062d40e7.jpg]
Nice pics! And good job getting out for a walk! A nice walk with your dog at your side certainly can do wonders. Big Grin
Lovely photo's and that first one is a cracker. Good on you for getting out there. I have PTSD so I understand the difficulty in getting started some times. I particularly like getting out in inclement weather when I'm struggling, something about it that brings you closer to nature and inspires a greater appreciation. If you are feeling a bit numb the elements help change that. Wonderful walking trail you are on, I am envious. We have some good trails but can't let the dogs of lead. As if it isn't risky enough with ticks and highly venomous snakes, the local authority has yet again laid baits for wild dogs. The saving grace is that we do have some land so when I let them out of the house yard, they run and run and run just for the sake of it.
Great photos. That first one is adorable! I have health issues and don't handle stress well. Doing something with my dogs always helps.

I'm envious of your weather. It has been so hot this summer that we haven't gotten to do much outside.
Nice photos of you both. Happy you felt good about getting out with her. It's obvious she really enjoyed it.

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Beautiful girls and beautiful idea. One of the wellness "tricks" for dogs is a decompression walk a few times a week. Get out in nature as far as you can from civilization (or at least the feel of it) - does wonders for the soul. If it works for the pups, it should work doubly well for us!
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really awesome photos Smile
well done for getting out on the walk, its tough, making yourself do stuff your mind and body doesnt want to do. but im glad it helped you. and looks like bron deffo appreciated it Smile
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