hi new to the forum :)
hi all im completley new to the forum! Smile
i live with my partner our two toddlers and our 3rd baby baloo our 9month border collie Smile 
ive only ever had collies (2 growing up) so i thought getting a dog i was familiar with was best, baloo seemed to be the perfect pup for our growing family, as him and his litter mate where being socialised with the breeder's toddlers. he's almost perfect with our toddlers loves kids. BUT i have no idea where his fear of people has come from he barks constantly (something i never dealt with my previous collies)  currently awaiting a highly recommended behaviourist to come out. On a postitive note my partner and i still agree getting our pup was one of our best ideas, he loves empting the recyling bin and running arround with milk bottles and ripping boxes open! (excited for his first xmas) we've been to flat agility and he's a natural (ive never done it before) hopefully its something we can continue :Smile id really like to start flyball with him aswell. i cant wait to get to know like minded loves collies as much as i do Smile 

Baloo as a pup
Welcome-group It sounds like you have your hands full. Keep us posted on how the visit from the behaviorist goes.

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(09-03-2017, 03:33 PM)only-borders Wrote: Welcome-group It sounds like you have your hands full. Keep us posted on how the visit from the behaviorist goes.

thank yoou :Smile your 3 are gorgeous  Heart Heart
Action-smiley-030 Hello and welcome  Action-smiley-030 9 months is a pretty typical and normal fear period, all those hormones surging as well.  I'm sure you will work through it. Great that you are organising some guidance with it when it is a behaviour you haven't experienced before. I look forward to hearing about Baloo's progress.
Hi and welcome! Such a sweet looking pup!
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Welcome to ABC! Action-smiley-030 Baloo is a handsome pup! Keep us updated with how the behaviorist does, I'm actually a little eager to know (mine barks at strangers...)
Baloo is so cute!  And I love his name.  At nine months Tasha was a handful.  You are wise to get help now, please give updates and lots of photos.   Big Grin

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