Triple Trouble
I went with my family to a local fair today and of course had to leave the dogs behind. I've been leaving Kep on the couch recently with people around to watch him and he will just lie on the couch and wait for me to come back. Today my sister's husky is over and she needs to be crated so I thought it would be fine if I left Kep out and had Nenya (sister's husky) in Kep's crate (she's been in there before and Kep has no problems with it.) My brother's husky is also here and he was left locked up in the bedroom. When we came back home six hours later I'm greeted by Kep waiting by the door for me ready to be let out. When I get back inside I find out the two huskies were loose despite being locked in a crate and bedroom. Not only that but a packet of egg noodles, ramen, and brownies were broken into. Now how did that happen?  Eusa_think Well it turns out Kep and Yukon (brother's husky) smelled like brownie mix but Nenya didn't smell like anything. Interesting how that works. At first we thought Kep went and let Yukon out and then went to free Nenya but no one can believe Kep would do such a thing. He has always just sat down on the couch until I come back. So the leading theory now is Yukon let himself out and went down to Kep and got at the brownie mix and noodles and then either freed Nenya or she got jealous and figured out how to get out herself. No matter what happened we came home to three dogs out with free range of the house and two of them got into brownie mix. Thankfully they didn't destroy anything else. A bizarre thing to come home to to say the least.

Disclaimer; there was like 90% of the brownie mix left over and there isn't much pure cocoa in it anyway so at worst Kep and Yukon will have the runs.
Sassy pups!  When the humans are away the dogs will play!  

At least nothing important was destroyed.  Next time hide the brownie mix! Tongue
When you think all is safe and figured out with working breeds... LOL
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Haha! I now have this vision of a doggy woofed conversation through doors:

Kep: "Right! The humans have gone. I'm just going to stay on the sofa for a few more minutes just in case"
Yukon: "Lemme out!"
Kep: "Ok, on it! On the count of 3 hit the sticky out bit in the middle of the door with your paw then jump back cos I'll barge the door"
"1,2...3! I said jump back. If the door hits you it won't open. Let's try again! 1,2,3!"
Yukon:"great work bro' now what's to eat"
Kep:"What about Nenya?"
Yukon:"She's in your crate dude! I mean that's your crate! And now it smells girlie. Let's have some boy fun first"
Nenya:"Err guys! What about me? Are you eating noodles with Brownies?! I can smell them. Let me out or I'm telling the humans"

LOL Big Grin
LOL Lmao You guys are too funny! The brownie mix was way high up in the basement, probably about as well hidden from a dog as it gets. I don't think I could hide anything from them if they really wanted it. Tongue My brother thinks he didn't close the door all the way and Yukon is known for escaping. The thing we don't really understand though is Nenya and how she got out.

And by the way guess who had diarrhea this morning. I told Kep that it's what he gets for eating brownie mix. I'm just glad he was able to hold it and go outside. Even if he is trouble from time to time at least he has basic household manners when it comes to bathroom issues. Big Grin After I took him out I gave him a frozen chunk of pureed pumpkin. At first he looked at it like a child would at medicine but promptly ate it after taking a few nibbles. Tongue
I have expressed my thoughts on huskies before, incredibly smart, not very biddable and impressive Houdini's lol.
I have watched one pick a lock, smart
Yes certainly. We think Yukon was the ringleader.

Now Kep has an upset stomach, go figure. Dodgy I just gave him some medicine, hopefully he'll be better soon. He may have played just a little too hard this morning. Tongue
Poor Kep, gave into peer pressure and now he has a tummy ache!
Funny thing is the huskies don't seem to be sick at all. Maybe Kep was the only one that actually ate the brownie mix. Shrug
Oh my gosh, I love your narrative Bronwyn, cracked me up ! Aww poor Kep, hope his tummy is better soon. We have recently been discussing whether or not we should leave the boys alone in the house. Hmm, I think perhaps not. Too much risk of mischievous collusion me thinks.

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