Anyone in Oregon near the Eagle Creek fire?
I can't believe how many places in the US are having issues right now.  Stay safe.
We do of course see all of these troubles on the news. It is heartbreaking, so many people suffering. Unfortunately I don't really see an end to these escalating weather events on a global level. We have done so much damage and been so disrespectful to our planet and environment, I fear this is just the beginning. Our countries share a disgraceful attitude in respect to the consumption of fossil fuels, our decision makers are like emu's with their heads buried in the sand. Our population is so against coal mining, it threatens our barrier reef directly and our sale and use of it is reckless. Money, money, money !!!  We actually have some politicians in power who still, despite of the growing evidence deny the existence of climate change, it is a very scary future ahead I feel.
We had such a hot dry summer here. South East Alberta has spent the most of the summer under heat warning. Often not good air quality by the wild fires, BC, Montana. It is sad to see places I have visited burning. People's homes lost. The pets and livestock. Heartbreaking
I hope this works
It did work, beautiful working dogs! How cool!
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I confess it brought a tear to my eye
Good story QD! Hope everyone in Oregon will be alright.
Quirkydog, that was an incredible story.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have to leave animals behind either because there wasn't time or because there were too many to transport.  I was watching a live update yesterday about the evacuations.  Many areas were at a level 3 which means 'get out now'.  A police officer was telling people to leave immediately.  He said if you have pets to put them in the car and if you have livestock to get them on a trailer and leave.  The fairgrounds has set up a shelter so there is someplace for people to keep their animals.  

I grew up in Oregon.  My family is safe, they live far from the fire but are having to deal with ash and smoke.  Where the fire is was one of the most beautiful areas in the state.   Every time I visit my family I drive along the Columbia River and in the eastern part of the state are rolling hills covered in prairie grass but then you get to where the forest starts and it is so green and beautiful with old houses you can see from the interstate and parts of the old highway that runs through the forest. I love where I live now but I have never really gotten used to living in the desert.  As soon as I get to that part on the interstate where the forest begins I think, "I am home again."   Just feeling really sad right now.

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