[Article] Do Dogs Use Body Language To Calm Us Down?
Very interesting study found here:

Quote:In this way, I think when a dog looks away or licks its lips they are not signalling to you that they want you to completely back away but are looking for a response that indicates that you too are not looking to aggress. In this way the better human response may be to reduce potential threat through looking away themselves and lowering to the ground, so as not to arch over the dog. In this way the assumption is not being made that dogs showing these signals are overtly stressed by the stimuli or do not want to engage with the stimuli, however that these dogs want to interact with the stimuli in the most peaceful way possible.

This describes Ember to a T and makes a lot of sense. There were times I was confused because she would look away or lip lick at things that had been okay before or that she asked for (nosing my hand for a pet then immediately doing this, for instance). Now that is something I can work with!
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Ember Turin Rugaas has a fantastic book on calming signals
Not only how to recognize them, but to use them and that they are a conversation not just the dog trying to calm themselves. The dogs also use them to calm another dog. Great book

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