I do not like hurricanes
That darn Irma changed direction with only 2 days before landfall, and what was supposed to be an east coast of Florida hurricane came right over my house (Fort Myers)! Frantic 

We had to evacuate (we live on a canal off the river that leads to the Gulf) and by then there was (1) no gasoline to be had ANYWHERE in Florida and (2) no lodging to be had ANYWHERE in Florida. So we had to go to a FEMA shelter.

I cannot tell you how upsetting that was. We were limited to a 6x10 space, plus there were people EVERYWHERE. (I am used to being with just my pack - me and my owners.) I could not bring myself to pee or poop for the whole time we were there, 2 whole days and nights, even though I got to go outside occasionally. Finally I could hold it no longer and I peed all over the floor in our little area. My owners were not mad at me at all, in fact they were happy that I finally peed. They were so worried about me. I finally pooped when we were let go (they lock you in the shelter before, during and after the storm) the morning after, and my owners were again so relieved. They had to run me back and forth in front of the shelter (an elementary school) a lot before I finally went potty.

Then we had to drive 2 hours to find a motel with power that would accept pets (Lakeland). We stayed there a whole week, until finally our house got power restored. I was a very good girl the whole time, and came to accept the motel room OK. We did discover a dog park near the motel, and I had a lot of fun there.

I am SO GLAD to be back home. Although there were 2 holes in our roof where tree limbs speared through (one right into our living room!)(my master temporarily patched them) and a zillion tree limbs everywhere and one big tree down and other damage ... at least we're home.

Next hurricane, we are flying to Wisconsin or someplace that never gets hurricanes. Undecided 

Glad you made it through the hurricane alright. Sorry to hear about the experience though. It's sounds like it was really rough. Hope you can get everything in order soon! Smile
WoW, sorry you all had to go through that. happy you are back home. 

If you do decide to come to Wisconsin let me know. I'm sure you wouldn't like it in the winter but the summer (hurricane season) it's not too bad. We might even be able to help find you a good place to stay.

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Aww that's so scary! I'm glad you made it back home. Hopefully the repairs go smoothly!
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