Muscle or skeletal problem, acute
Hello.  I did not have a need to consult here in the last 7 years...  My 7-yo BC, Misha, developed a condition.  He can barely stand, dragging his hind paws, cannot stand up on them.  Looks like he is in pain by the way he hunches up while standing.  The VCA vet tapped him all over and there is no tender reaction to touch anywhere on his body.  He has no temperature, normal appetite, normal stool.  No change in mood.  Normal all over except he can barely walk.  It all started and deteriorated in the last 3 days.

Does this sound familiar?  Is this skeletal?  Can it be viral? Any advice what to think of and which direction to take in fixing this?

Thank you.
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Is that all your vet did was take his temp and tap his body?

I highly suggest a second opinion. Things like this just don't happen for no reason. Please have another vet check your dog over thoroughly.

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I absolutely agree with OB. I find it incomprehensible that what you describe as the vets examination is the extent of their investigation. I can think of numerous things that might cause this but I would not even utter a one as your dog needs to see a "REAL" veterinarian ASAP.
I would like a vet to run some blood work.
Personally if it is not a "illness" and is a physical problem I go to a chiropractor or a canine physical therapist, by this I mean a human trained specialist that has trained further into canine therapy.
Too many risky people claiming to be therapist
The reason I do this is this is it is not a vets specialty and they tend to just offer pain relief. Unfortunately this could be a long term meds that fry the organs.
This sounds like an obvious neural problem, for which there are many causes, from tick paralysis to spinal arthritis to spondylosis to encephalitis to injury. You need a good vet to go over him thoroughly. He may need bloodwork, x-rays, and a neuro exam.
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