Prayers for Gideon
Gideon recovered completely after a few more days. I have had a handyman at my house working on a number of little things and a couple of big ones(made worse by the hurricane), so I've been crazy distracted. My mom and dad are lighter by several hundred pounds of junk that was stored in their garage. They had me telling the clean up crew what to save and what to pitch. I did warn them that I would tell them to pitch A LOT. My mom was thrilled at the idea. Dad had a little trepidation. After it was all gone, my dad asked me about a particular box of old papers and I told him it was gone. He started fretting about it having the grave plot deed in it. I told him the funeral home that sold him the plot had better know where it is, because if he died tomorrow and there had been no fire, we still never would have found that paper. End of discussion. They are all cleaned up now and have a contractor starting to put it back together.
Gotta love 'em.

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