Interceptor Plus?
Has anyone had any experience with Interceptor Plus?

If so has it been a good or bad experience?

When I took Chance to the vet for his yearly check up, we were discussing coming in at the end of this month to get bloodwork to check his lyme levels and to give him his lymes booster. And i said how i was gonna give him heartworm medicine in February but I read about how BC have side effects that were scary and I didn't want to risk it. and she gave me a handout about the interceptor plus and she said that it's more universal and made to benefit/help all dogs safely unlike heartguard.
Some breeds including BC's can carry the MDR1 gene. This is not say all dogs of that breed do but unless tested for this gene there is no way of knowing. The MDR1 gene causes the dog to have a sensitivity to Ivermectin which is the active ingredient in many anti parasitical medications. Therefore it is best to not administer drugs containing Ivermectin unless first tested for the MDR1 gene. There are however alternatives to treatments containing Ivermectin. Check if Interceptor Plus contains Ivermectin.

Irrespective of the choice of heartworm prevention treatment, a dog that has not previously been treated with a heartwork preventative should not be given such a preventative without first testing to check for the presence of heart-worm. If a dog already carries heart-worm, administering a preventative for heart-worm can have dire consequences. My vet will not start a dog on any heart-worm preventative unless they have been tested for the presence of heart-worm first except for situations such as with my dogs whereby they have been administered a heart-worm preventative starting as pups at which time, the existence of heart-worm is highly unlikely.

From the research I have done the heartguard "does" contain Ivermectin and the Interceptor "does not" but reassure yourself with this. My dogs are on Proheart injections as we live in a high mosquito area and heart-worm is prevalent.
The MDR1 gene is actually very rare in BCs and the amount of Ivermectin in heartworm prevention is supposed to be below the threshold anyways, so regular heartworm prevention shouldn't be an issue. They can test for the gene.

Interceptor is Milbemycin. It works well and has few reactions.
Gotta love 'em.

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