We are fine as are all properties in our end of the valley. We are at the head of the river, only 70kl from where the river begins. It's the volume of water that comes down from the mountains that overwhelmed the river but it normally doesn't stay up for too long. In a town 80kl north of us it is a different story due to the cumulative effect and the fact that the town was originally built in the wrong place. We are absolutely loving the rain, just a week or so ago we were asking each other if it was ever going to rain again. Everything was so dry and it was heartbreaking to see beautiful trees we planted 25 years ago dying. They just couldn't cope with yet another drought year. Today we are feeling blessed as we look at green everywhere, 4 dams full and overflowing and 3 water tanks the same. All the dust settled and now cleaning the house might last longer than 5 minutes before you can draw in the dust on furniture. Last night was a real treat as the chorus of different frogs was deafening. We have had 5 days of rain and the forecast is for another 5 days, slowly tapering off. The coastal and urban dwellers are already complaining SFun_duh2 they do not have a clue and I am sure they think water is just miraculously going to run from their taps forever.
Hmm, we have discovered the hard way that young Jasper doesn't like getting wet, we haven't had an extended rain period in his short year of life and he has been sneaking upstairs to the spare room to poop, ugh ! We have put the baby gate back up.
Yikes! My Angel doesn't like to get her feet wet either. I hate having to shove them out the door, but not as much as I hate poop in the house. During the hurricane, she was the only one ok with pooping on the back porch, which was protected by hurricane shutters. The others seemed to hold it for 2 days.
Gotta love 'em.
Yay for rain! Boo for finicky dogs. Ember would avoid the rain at all costs before, but now that we've moved to Charleston she's started trying to pull me out in it. Sometimes. Others she just goes and runs back. Poor boy! How'd the vet visit go?
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